Give love on Christmas day

UP Oblation, Quezon Hall, Diliman, Quezon City. 2007.

So here’s my customary Oblation photo for Christmas, my fifth in a row. Merry Christmas!

I know you got gifts and fancy things aside from the extravagant ones you bought for yourself, but what have you done for others this Christmas season?

Don’t forget to spread the love on Christmas day. Smile

10 Responses

  1. merry christmas ga! Smile

    i’m so happy right now, because i have the greatest gift…YOU! Grin (nyahaha…cheesy!)

  2. @Amanda: Merry Christmas! Smile

    @AJ: Merry Christmas bai. Smile

    @carlo: Uy pre, maligayang pasko sa inyo dyan. Wink

    @Eugene: Merry Christmas! Smile

    @hana: Ga, Merry Chrismas. Smile Pero oo, ang keso mo… Hehehe. Razz

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