Of course you knew what the numbers meant—I’m finally off the calendar.

Patisserie Filipino’s awesome brownies.It somehow started a few days before, when I got to try the best brownies I’ve had in a while. Right now I don’t know where to find Chef Laudico’s Patisserie Filipino, but I gotta get there and get some more.

A Chocolate Kiss Sans Rival mini cake.Though I’m not supposed to indulge in too much sweet things, I had a Chocolate Kiss Sans Rival on my birthday. Some of the best things in life are worth dying for, I guess?

110305-1732-26Little train putting on a surprise!

110305-1732-A27Lilai the lion joining the fun!

110305-1733-28Love in a little letter.bigsmile

110305-1737-33My new cranes, since I’ve the older ones that Hana gave me before.

110305-2335-38My new ukelele, because having too many guitars isn’t enough!

110306-0010-39Me and my pangga while we were playing with the ukelele.

110306-1937-47Watching B-Meg beat Barangay Ginebra with @firequinito, courtside!

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