This is the archive page for September 2002

RP Basketball Team’s First Game

The country’s basketball team will be playing its first game today. The broadcast is scheduled to start around 2:30PM Manila Time.         Despite the unexpected last–minute changes to the lineup, the first game against UAE should easily be our first win.         Watch the games, and pray for our […]

New Images

I just uploaded some new photos to my PBase galleries. Twelve images of some uninteresting subject. And I’m supposed to be studying right now. I’m supposed to be studying months ago! If you have the time, do check them out. And pray for me to have the urge to study. 🙂

Nothing to write about!

Now I really need to find things I can post on my weblog. Maybe I’ll just send you to Pancit Canton, I’m sure Jaemark has something new for you. You might also want to take a peek at pon’s site, maybe she has some writings for consumption.