This is the archive page for April 2003

San Marino Grand Prix

Michael Schumacher and Ferrari finally grab a 2003 win, despite the unfortunate death of the world champion’s mother.        Michael started the race ahead of brother Ralf, who took the race lead even before the first corner of the race. More details at F1Racing.Net.

LRT Luggage Restrictions

Did you know you can’t take the LRT if you’re carrying bulky luggage? I can hardly find any logical reason for this. If it’s for security purposes, that would be the lamest of reasons, hardly worth the discomfort for those affected.

Solid Gas

Interesting article over at Technology Review. Japanese researchers from Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding have found a way to produce hydrates of natural gas, allowing transport of the common energy source in solid pellets form. This technology, if proven technically and economically feasible, would give an easier, cheaper and safer way of transporting natural gas. (Link […]


What’s wrong with Gary Valenciano’s site? I was trying to get the lyrics to “Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos” but it took me more than 10 minutes to figure out their flash menu. And you have to read the popup window that opens upon loading, containing several instructions on how to get to the lyrics section. […]

Jordan Wins the Brazilian Grand Prix

But they didn’t. On their 200th grand prix start, at a point where they’re almost out of money, the Jordan Formula One Racing Team almost won it. After almost two hours of weather–induced drama, at least five appearances for the safety car, Giancarlo Fisichella crossed the start–finish line ahead of everybody before the race was […]

Winamp 2.9

Winamp 2.9 final is now out, but the link on their site still points to 2.81 when I saw it a few hours ago. Should be there any minute.        This is what Winamp3 should’ve been in the first place.


I was browsing around looking for wallpapers when I saw a link to Four By Six. Appears to have been around for a while now, with several galleries in their archives. Really worth seeing.