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keyword: markku

I just had a look at my counter stats and saw some incoming links from yahoo and google result pages, using the query “markku.” I clicked on it and to my surprise, ranks third for both result pages! Woohoo! Now I should really get some useful content going on here.

Doug Bowman’s Adaptive Path

Doug Bowman of Wired News fame shows us how to do a redesign using valid XHTML and CSS, without the use of tables for layout or any of those web design hacks of yesteryears. He provides us some ideas on the design process in his site.

Peyups Rock Enroll

Some of my photos from the concert last Friday, presented by Had a great time shooting just in front of the bands. Got myself a copy of Bridge’s CD, featuring the very addictive song Kahit Na, and also bought Cambio’s Excerpt E.P. directly from Buddy Zabala. Also met Marcus Adoro, who was supposed to […]

A redesign should solve whatever problems that existed in the first place. Not that there was much, the old site had too much information available that it proved to be a difficult case for visual organization. But their new design seems to overlook some very basic usability patterns that world wide web users have […]