This is the archive page for August 2003

Canon EOS-300D Review And Sample Photos

The past week, all photography sites have been discussing is Canon’s new digital SLR camera. Most of what we have right now are just previews of this promising camera, with hardly any sample photos. Unless you’re lucky enough to come across this. Vic Icasas —yes—that famous photographer, gives us a good idea on what could […]

Beautiful Simplicity

Jeffrey Zeldman talks about good minimalist design and design competitions. It is quite hard to make clients understand the usability aspect of websites, but this should teach everyone something. 37signals has always been known for clean interfaces that minimize user errors and prioritize the site’s objectives.

CSS Image Replacement

A new image replacement method has been making the headlines in some parts of the blogosphere, with details and examples from Stuart Langridge and Seamus P. H. Leahy. This method does not require the extra <span> tag used in the famous Fahrner Image Replacement technique.