This is the archive page for October 2003

SMB Oktoberfest

Just heard from Karl that there was a riot at the closing concert of this year’s SMB Oktoberfest at the SM Megamall. Good thing they left right away when they realized things were getting out of hand. Another guy was fortunate enough to survive the chaos and live to tell the tale.

Microsoft fires blogger

Someone at MSCopy just lost his job for posting on his blog the idea that “even Microsoft wants G5s.” Is this at all reasonable? Microsoft owning some Apple G5s does not indicate anything negative, considering they also sell MS Office for the Mac.

New WaSP members

Simon Willison, Dave Shea and Ethan Marcotte are the most recent additions to the Web Standards Project’s team. A good day for web standards. Now everyone shout in unison, “tables for layout is stupid!”

Peyups Rock Enroll 2003 Photos

I just uploaded some photos I took at the Peyups Rock Enroll concert several months ago into my /photos section. You probably have seen them at before, but I just feel like consolidating everything here on my site. Enjoy the photos, and leave your comments.

Simple things for easy learning

Jason Kottke has some guidelines for focusing on learning, which he learned in diversity training. Quite simple things if you think about it, yet can be very helpful reminders for maintaining healthy relationships.

Dino Ignacio in The Philippine Star

Famous Filipino artist/designer Dino Ignacio was featured yesterday in an article/interview in The Philippine Star. He is known for his Bert is Evil! site (closed down, use this mirror link instead), and recently for his collaboration with Fil–Am stand–up comic Rex Navarrete in the Maritess vs The Superfriends flash animation. By the way, the list […]

A List Apart Reloaded

Jeffrey Zeldman’s A List Apart is now open after a refreshing redesign. Three new articles are featured for the current issue, two of which deals with CSS and images, and the third is based on a PHP script that allows for random image rotation, a topic I mentioned before. If you want an image rotator […]


GetFree is an open–source script that allows easy downloading and installation of Mozilla Firebird 0.7, Mozilla Thunderbird 0.3, 1.1 and Gaim 0.71. Very useful for dial–up users, as it allows pause/resume of downloads. A very good way for showcasing open–source applications indeed!

Don’t you dare smoke!

Smoking is bad. Raul Montifar is an award–winning Filipino photographer, with works that have been recognized internationally. Also worthy of mention is Norman Montifar’s work, which I came across when I queried google for larawan.

Why do people blog?

What are the reasons people publish on the web using weblogs? Or in general, what are the justifications for self–publishing? I had my own answers a year ago, but occasionally I’m left wondering if running your own site is really worth the time and expense. This post on “always write” somehow justifies it for people […]

New domain, new design

For several years I’ve been moving my personal site from various hosting services, and this is the first time I’m actually paying for it. Thanks to my high school batchmate Noee over at ploghost, the hosting was ready in such a short time. My old site is still up, maybe for a few more weeks […]

The joys of the unemployed

David Dvorkin writes on the hidden pleasures of being unemployed. But you wouldn’t find his situation amusing if you consider how a man of such background be left jobless.