This is the archive page for April 2004


We just finished moving to a new place a few days ago, and I’m still without an internet connection, not even dial-up! Updates will be very sporadic for the next few days, until I get a phoneline. It sucks, I know. A day without internet is quite unbearable. More to come, hopefully soon.

Dangerously close

The CSS Vault has been showcasing good CSS–driven designs for some time, linking to some of the best designs around. A few hours ago, I found the newest entry, pointing to this site called aDeuxMains. Now, have a look at Dan Cederholm’s SimpleBits and Doug Bowman’s StopDesign, two well–known sites of famous web designers. Observe […]

Bamboo: As The Music Plays

Listening to this CD I got from my girlfriend for my birthday, I can’t help but recall the old Rivermaya days—a unique blend of vocal talents. The Bamboo Mañalac–Rico Blanco sound was simply unrivalled during the mid–nineties, when the Filipino band scene was very much alive and kicking. Fast forward to 2004 and we have […]

wp–recent–links 1.1

wp–recent–links 1.1 is now out, with a few bugfixes and now a bookmarklet for easy posting of new links. The zip package has everything you need.

American Idol

Last night, I watched the performances of Americal Idol’s final twelve on StarWorld, and I must say that most of them were very good. Jasmine Trias’ rendition of Natalie Cole’s Inseparable was the best for the evening! Filipinos have been rooting for the two half–pinoys, Jasmine and Camile Velasco, and I really hope they stay […]