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  1. minsan, ganyan talaga pag daming nasa isip mo and nde mo agad maisulat…yung yummy spicy ay yung isusulat mo yung nasa isip mo at the point na nasa state of natural reaction ka pa….hindi yung delayed na kasi most of the time nawawala na yung stream of consciousness…where, as what i’ve been reiterating to friends, you just have to wait for the blood to flow from your veins down to your hands until you see that your pen bleeds the ink of your head…pag wala yung stream of consciousness, you can start writing but you can’t sustain the height of interest be drawn into words…pero minsan okay lang naman yung cool state lang but you know there is no passion so sometimes you decide to stop and wait… 🙂 it could also be na masyado kang maraming subconscious thoughts na di mo ma unleash isa isa…

  2. Busy ka ata kuya. 😀 Anyway darating din yung time na para kang nagbubuhos ng tubig sa baso sa sobrang daling magkuwento. 🙂

    Love the fire-y like sky pic 😀

  3. I made a stylesheet from that style by the way… Check http://mathibus.com/photos/spam.css if you’re interested.

    You only have to place the following code in album.tpl.html:

    <style type="text/css" media="all">
    ul#thumbnails li#ph{current_photo.id} img { /* tag for CSS ID */
    border:3px solid #f90;

    li#pa{current_album.id} a,li#pa{current_album.id} a:link,li#pa{current_album.id} a:visited {

    Above that, you can just call for the stylesheet the usual way.

    <link rel="stylesheet" media="all" href="/photos/spam.css" type="text/css" title="SPAM" />

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