This is the archive page for June 2004

Just a quick update

Yes, I’m still alive. It has been more than a week since I last wrote, and I didn’t even really write. I’m working on a few important projects right now, notably a WordPress–powered Filipino webzine. At the same time, I’m experimenting on my desktop with multiple weblogs in WP, trying to hack something that wouldn’t […]

Umaaraw, Umuulan

Hindi mo maintindihan Kung ba’t ikaw ang napapagtripan Ng halik ng kamalasan Ginapang mong marahan ang hagdanan Para lamang makidlatan Sa kaitaas-taasan, ngunit Kaibigan Huwag kang magpapasindak Kaibigan, Easy lang sa iyak Dahil wala ring mangyayari Tayo’y walang mapapala Wag mong pigilan ang pagbuhos ng ulan May panahon para maging hari May panahon para madapa […]

SmartyPants On Demand

Of course you’ve heard of SmartyPants, right? It’s that famous Movable Type and Blosxom plugin enabling authors to publish their weblogs with typographically elegant punctuations. That includes the famous Doug Bowman’s Stopdesign. Unfortunately for WordPress users, those wanting to use it had little chance, with SmartyPants written in Perl, not in PHP. Not until Michel […]

When it rains, it pours

Woohoo! How many people are lucky enough to have a chance at two gmail invites, all in one day? 🙂 You can now email me at, you can even spam me if you want. Let’s see how good the spam filters are. This entry wouldn’t be complete without pointing to the people responsible—’s Ederic, […]

Glamour photography

Glamour photography with two slave flashes, a reluctant assistant, and two eager “models.” (My sister and a cousin.) Also viewable as a photo album at my photos section, of course powered by iPAP 0.7.

iPAP 0.7

The first public release of iPAP: Photo Album Publisher (formerly known as SPAM: Simple Photo Album Manager) is now ready for download. The zip contains a somewhat detailed documentation, and everything you need to know (for now) is there. The project page will be ready after several hours of sleep. 🙂 Consider this version a […]

What makes America great

Browsing through Manuel L. Quezon III’s weblog, he links to a beautiful piece over at ABS-CBN News, entitled What makes America great. God bless America and take Ronald Reagan by the hand, to join a daughter’s goldfishes in the river without end, in a place without danger, where loyalty reigns unchallenged, in that state of […]

Site tweaks and changes

The revisions never stop. I just updated the archives to display entries Dunstan–style; this should make for easy scanning of post titles. In WinIE, the CSS poses a problem—you cannot click on a day because of the negative margins, but the month and post links work just fine. The comment highlighting plugin I created and […]

Loving You

It’s been quite a while, You’ve really kept me wanting you; You’ve got some style, so unique, You’re beautiful, so warm, so deep Stay with me tonight, Let me know the kind o’ love that will remain forever be, A dream that had become reality. Ohh, lovin’ you, woh Is such an easy thing to […]

Ronald Reagan, 93

This deserves more than a recent–links entry on the side. Ronald Reagan dies at 93 Mourning in America: Ronald Reagan Dies at 93 ‘A Great Man, A Political Giant’ Ronald Reagan: The ‘Great Communicator’ Ex-US President Ronald Reagan dead at 93

Comment Highlighting

About a week ago, there was a very active discussion on Dave Shea’s mezzoblue redesign, not only because of the new interface, but more importantly, his new feature: Reply Highlighting. Looks good on paper, but his first implementation was rather “faulty.” His highlighting feature was based on the premise that well–known designers and developers were […]


I’ve just received several emails from people interested in the PHP app I’ve been using to publish this site’s photos section, which you can also see used in other places. I am currently busy designing a WP layout for a signifact writer and WP user; but hopefully, I could prepare a simple documentation to accompany […]

Disable WP’s wptexturize inline

One of WordPress’s unique features is the ability to apply block formatting and punctuation styling through the buit–in wpautop() and wptexturize() functions, respectively. However, this behavior fails on some markup combinations. The simple–looking "<strong>text wrapped with strong emphasis tag, with quotes outside</strong>" replaces the two instances of double–quotes with opening–double–quotes (“ — escaped in HTML […]