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  1. http://mathibus.com/archives/2004/06/27/redesigns/
  2. I started from one of the WP 1.0 hacks, I think it was nicer archives. I kept the features I need and customized it. Yes I have it in plugin form, downloadable soon! 🙂

  3. Oh yeah 🙂

    I never like narchives.php just because of the drop-down-menu’s (or how do you call that), so I went for PhotoMatt’s archives.

    Well, as soon as that plugin is released, I’ll install that straight away. I don’t care about WinIE problems—people still using that piece of crap should really get an update.

  4. We (my blog and your blog) had an error yesterday afternoon. I was certain it has to do with ploghost’s db (actuall the /tmp folder in redhat) where db queries are cached. Problem solved. Glad I have a pair in ploghost who is also using WP.

  5. Prem, I heard about it from MaThIbUs. I think ploghost is getting too famous and successful now, and with it comes problems. Let’s just hope Yuga sorts things out soon.

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