Yes I haven’t been writing. Sorry. I’m at an emotional and spiritual crossroad in my life, even professional. I wish blogging will make me feel alright, but right now it doesn’t. Honestly, nothing puts me at peace at this point; nothing except prayers and the wonders of faith. And your solacing voice that makes me stronger, your beautiful face that could launch a war, but most of all your lasting love that soothes my soul.

I guess some episodes of our lives are meant to happen, not for better, not for worse—just the way life is. Pray, and believe “thy will be done,” as God has said.

Words of inspiration and comments are always welcome, but silent prayers are much more appreciated.

P.S. I’ve got the measles, so I’m not physically any better right now.

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  1. “…some episodes of our lives are meant to happen, not for better, not for worse—just the way life is…”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. You and I know, now more than ever, that all this is part of a masterplan. Let’s just wait and see what the rest of it is.

    Get well soon, spotty.

  2. Monchy, I know wait–and–see is the best for everyone right now, and surely some space for you to think. I’m trying, yes I’m trying.

    One thing I can promise, I’ll be a better man no matter what.

  3. You’ve just got to pause for a while, maybe even take one step back, look at it on a different perspective, and hope that tomorrow is a sunny day.

  4. pagaling ka, kaibigan at idolo sa cyberspace. lumilipas din ang lahat ng pagkabagabag at humuhupa ang anumang sigwa.

    at kung kailangan mo ng payaso o karagdagang tengang makikinig, alam mo na ang bago kong linya. :)

  5. hope everything’s getting better…

    pahinga ka…

    sana bukas paggising mo ay maliwanag ang araw…yung mapapangiti ka…

    at masabik sa muling pagbangon…

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