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  1. Yumaba? Ah, tumaba. Hehehe. Bagay kayo ni Leloi, parang pareho kayong hindi kumain mula nung 1996. Hehehe, joke, joke joke!

    Sagot daw ni Nanette next time, punta na sya. Setup nyo, di pa yata sya aalis this week eh, yung visa nya carrier pigeon daw magdadala dito eh. 🙂

  2. Hey Jorge! Remember me? Hindi namin alam kung pano hahagilapin ang mga tao kaya siguro next time ipopost nalang dito. Kitakits! 🙂

  3. Jorge, asan ka nga ba ngayon? Bumalik ka na sa Capiz ulit di ba? Btw, what happened to your site?

    Next time when we plan something bigger, we’ll definitely let you guys know. Alam ko miss mo na si Hero at si Bimbo and the rest of our blockmates… 🙂

    Huy Monch online ka pala! 😉

  4. Markku, I came back here kaagad, umuwi lang coz of a death in the family last April. Napabayaan ko na ung site kasi been goin through some issues I’d rather not post *lol* Currently out of a job but alive sa band scene (well, getting there). I seemt o recall that you play? Or was it some other guy. Hazy masyado memory ko. Actually nagkita na kami ni Dennis sa UP, at si Dael (yung kambal ni Hero), ran across him some time ago too.

    Monch, yup, kaw na lang yata naalala kong girl from the batch. Then again, that’s because nakikita ko lagi pangalan mo dito *lol*

    Anyway pare God bless.

  5. Jorge, yes I still play the guitar, though my band has been very inactive now. Hahaha, if you feel like blogging again let me know so I can re-pimp your site. 🙂

    Ikaw rin pre, God bless. We’ll get in touch with you pag may block get–together tayo. Sana soon, before Christmas. 🙂

  6. Hello website owner,

    I was looking around for a website about the new Bamboo the band album…….I stumble on yours….I was actually feeling the same thing you feel about them and I wanted to comment on it but the comment box was close so instead I wrote here….plus I didnt know you know my friend RG Inciong…I havent seen him for 11 years since I moved here in Toronto….can you please give me his email address….thank you for you help….

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