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Ninoy and friends on the way to church, the day he left for the Philippines. (Photo courtesy of Heherson Alvarez)

Twenty–one years ago today, Ninoy Aquino was gunned down, dying to give birth to the Filipino’s consciousness and courage—and freedom. The Filipino is worth dying for. Do you think any of our leaders today possess such dedication to its people?

Forgive me for the ostentatious introduction. I’ve been wanting to write, but couldn’t find the words, again.
      I was going through today’s paper, and was really moved by the beautiful cover photo, as shown above. It’s so Beatlesque it reminds me of the famous Abbey Road cover. PDI credits Heherson Alvarez for the photo, but the photographer’s name wasn’t mentioned.

Two advertisements caught my attention as I was browsing—Globe’s myGlobe G-Blogs and Smart’s addict mobile Blog. As Sherwin would say it, “Blog-blogan na!”
      It has been some time now since the weblogging craze started, with a lot of Filipinos writing regularly on blogspot and LiveJournal, but now anyone can jump on the blogging bandwagon, while making the telco’s coffers even fatter. Unfortunately, there is a lot to complain regarding both services. One critical component missing: permalinks. Simply said, these are URIs that are kept unchanged and points to a specific resource, usually a webpage. But you already know that. Unfortunately, Smart and Globe doesn’t get it. So how am I supposed to point (link?) to specific entries on one of their blogger’s weblog? I can’t just link to his blog, right? At least g-blogs has its own comment system, but Smart’s doesn’t, at least as of writing. One suggestion: get a real blogger to test your blogging systems!

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  1. “Do you think any of our leaders today possess such dedication to its people?”- no, i think the answer is something which cannot be easily refuted. need not i to juxtapose his and present leader’s dedication…the meaning of the word is relative to the situation/crises faced. but it goes without saying i don’t see dedication at these present times…

    back to the question, if there is one….only God knows who 🙂

  2. I’ve just created a g-blog using my old MyGlobe account. It’s at http://g-blogs.com/ederic. It’s weird because I’m actually not a Globe subscriber right now. Too bad I won’t be able to post using a mobile phone. Defeats the purpose of having a g-blog. Hehe.

    But because my phone isn’t MMS-capable, I can’t have an amblog.

  3. Ederic, oks lang yan, useless naman halos yung g-blogs eh, hehehe. 🙂 I thought you’re using a Smart Amazing Phone? MMS naman yun ah.

    dead_poet, no point looking for good leaders now. Sabi nga sa dyaryo, our money will be worthless in two years. Haay buhaayy…

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