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Yes, this is the entry on other people’s weblogs. In case you didn’t notice, a lot of us are now too busy writing for our blogs, leading to the looming financial crisis (summary). Nonsense. I think its nice that a lot of us from our high school batch are now into some sort of online journalism, even if all we write about are cheesy movie reviews or our daily struggle to wake up early.

  • jobarclix
    My current favorite. Interesting writing, some funny, some love–spiked, everything a treat to read. The great mobile photos are also a treat.
  • Sherwin is B[i]log
    Also known as “Blog-blogan na!”, this is Sherwin’s attempt at blogging, documenting life as it happens, pati na rin ang pagpanood nila ng “Now That I Have You.” More interesting entries should be upcoming, as this guy will be working for a year in the land where love is free (the right term should be “prostitution is legal abundant[?]”), Thailand.
  • osang’s legroom
    I think she’s one of the first bloggers from our batch, with her steady amount of traffic and high value on blogshares. And the writing? Thought–provoking.
  • Fallenstar
    A little bit of a geek log, something similar to what my site was a few months ago. Nice read if you’re a slashdot–reading type of a person. The layout you cannot miss, it’s the one with the big yellow star.
  • dingdong96
    Oo, si Dingdong. Tanga, Novenario, hindi Dantes! I still cannot forget his singing when I watched Subtext a few months ago. The blog? He talks about freedom, and that magical fourth segment of Subtext. Wonderful.
  • gerbee
    Or should it be gerbie? A glimpse at life outside the Philippines. A nice game, some cheesy lyrics, and some things to think about.
  • The Joyride
    A few months inactive, this is Jake’s weblog on photography and “the days in the life of the world’s greatest photographer!” He’s probably too busy shooting naked ladies right now, or flying around the Philippines.
  • Blog ko to!
    Trebs on life. Waking up early and Spiderman. Blogging and blackmail. Today’s “express” life and the failure to enjoy the moments.
  • Gerent J :: Applied Knowledge is Power
    If only I could explain why his weblog is named that way then i would have more to write. 😉 One of my bestest friends, dating back to high school (you don’t need to know the year!), writes countless random thoughts they’re not so random anymore. Hehe. Now a father but still cannot stop shouting, “Fire in the hole!”
  • The Trailer
    Ramil talks about The First Time, that feeling of anxiety, and tunnel vision. He’s on g-blogs, flaunting his SE K700i. Hehe 🙂
  • cherryblossoms
    Len’s attempt at blogging, though she hasn’t really updated the site for quite some time. Too busy with the Tokyo lifestyle, eh? 🙂

That’s all, folks! If you have a Pisay ’96 weblog, don’t hesitate to write or post a comment so I’ll have you listed as well.

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  1. Shari, I think the word shouldn’t be legal. I don’t know, but I think you know what I mean.

    Another Pisay ’96 weblog:
    Link removed…

  2. Thank you sa link. Yup, it should’ve been gerbie pero taken na yung name e. By the way, I changed my bg music. Ayan, hindi na masyadong cheesy.

  3. maraming salamat sa comments 🙂 kahit papano may nagbabasa rin ng blog ko kahit most of the time e nonsense lang ang pinagsasabi! haha!

  4. uhh. sino si rose?
    sorry ha i have poor memory.
    sometimes i don’t remember my dogs’ names.

  5. Uy rose thanks for answering that. 🙂 Haha, parang may helpdesk ako bigla ah.

    Btw, I’m planning a project related to Pisay ’96 weblogs, I’ll email you guys about it. Stay tuned. 😉

  6. wow, thanks for including me in the links markku. i always seem to get interrupted whenever i blog, lol. i’ve been reading grace’s LJ since god-knows-when. very entertaining. anyway, i’m curiois about that project yew mentioned. and that huge yellow star might disappear when i shift to WordPress. lol. =p

  7. uy salamat eunice… **ngiti ko abot hanggang tenga**

    nabasa ko rin blog mo… about yung 4 years too late…
    hayy, ano ba naman yun ? may tawag sa mga lalaking ganun…

  8. maku, sobra ka.. “land where love is free”? ska hindi legal ang prostitution dito.. marami lang =)

    salamat din sa mga links.. ayos may mababasa na rin ako kahit paano…

    see yah!

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