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It has been more than a week since I last wrote, and still I have nothing worthy of blogging. So I’ll just bore you with some music recommendations.

  1. Vienna Teng – Both Waking Hour and the newer Warm Strangers are worthy of iPod storage, if only I have one. My favorite tracks: “Harbor,” “Shasta (Carrie’s Song),” “Hope on Fire” and “Shine”.
  2. Rivermaya’s new single “Liwanag sa Dilim,” another beautiful song by Rico Blanco, no doubt. By the way, I have the lyrics to the song on my lyrics blog. (Just a personal lyrics/chords archive.)
  3. Alicia Keys and Usher singing “If I Ain’t Got You.” A very nice song made even better with Usher’s wonderful voice.
  4. Duncan Shiek’s “Half-Life.”
    “Maybe, I need to see the daylight
    To leave behind this half-life
    Don’t you see I’m breaking down”
  5. Usher’s “Confessions.” Yes, the whole album.
  6. Bob Carlisle’s “Butterfly Kisses.” I don’t really know why, but I just realized last night how meaningful this song is.
  7. Tamia’s “Officially Missing You.”

So, what are your current music favorites? Share.

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  1. Right now, I’m really digging Ashlee Simpson’s Autobiography. I’m probably going to get a lot of flack for this, but it truly is a great album.

    Also, The Killers’ Hot Fuss is catchy.

  2. im no longer up to date with new releases. latest picks, however, are:

    *bamboo’s “the pride and the flame”- light music, heavy lyrics (sounds like a personal song to bamboo m.).

    *duncan shiek’s “half-life”- huh?! wasn’t it obvious, markku?

    *system of a down- trip lang. nahawa sa officemate.

    in the last few hours ,however, i mused about annie lennox’ “love song for a vampire”. i wallowed in the quagmire of emotions that last time i heard it. every songbeat begets a heartbeat.

  3. i LOVE if i ain’t got you.
    it’s so passionate and powerful. putangina, i can so relate.
    sometimes i just pop in my iPod and loop that song and i start belting it out in the middle of edsa while driving then i burst out crying.

    let’s all watch alicia keys! on oct 9!
    and YES, usher in november. can.not.wait.

  4. I really dig the new “Confessions” album by Usher too, the entire album is really enjoyable.

    Taking back Sunday’s new album “Where you want to be” is a good one as well, I’ve got a review up on my blog.

    Although rather old, New Found Glory’s “Catalyst” album is quite amazing as well.

  5. Grace V, grabe ang tama sayo ng If I Ain’t Got You ah! Well, sa maraming tao naman ganun, it’s a really beautiful song. You don’t even have to be heartbroken to appreciate it, di ba? 😉

    Wow, sure na yung pupunta si Usher sa November? Gotta see that!

  6. an old song by Vonda… I ONLY WANT TO BE WITH YOU (?) and of course, am wondering how the song i posted in my blog goes…

  7. Throwback, Take A Bow (I’m sure you’re well aware of this. 😉 hahaha!), Liwanag Sa Dilim!!!

  8. Trip mo rin pala si Usher. Ok din yung isa pang song nya w/ Alicia Keys (My Boo). Wow.. two concerts to wait for late this year. Astig.

  9. heya…nice blog

    -i love duncan shiek, i watched his concert alone. early bday gift for myself hehe
    -you should watch alicia’s concert next month!
    -“officially missin you” is my fave shower song. yowch.

    eeepp..singit lang. joey!!!

  10. And I dig your lyriclog by the way. Not only the idea, but also the design is great. (If I would have a lyriclog, I wouldn’t put date parts in lyric permalinks though — just a thought.)

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