This is the archive page for March 2005

Bacon mushroom melt

Have you ever been to Wendy’s lately? The branch at SM Megamall just reopened. You’ve got to try the Bacon Mushroom Melt — it’s now the size of a Burger McDo, just tastes a little better. And the cheese ain’t melting. Good thing they still serve good fries.

Hello, I’m Markku

Friday, very late in the evening. My mobile phone interrupts my usual fare of late–nite TV. “Pare, ikaw ba si Rico?” the man with the obscure international number quickly asks. Now how could Markku be mistaken for Rico? I promptly answer “Hindi ho” to the Tagalog–speaking gentleman, surely a Filipino living or working in another […]


The entry pages’ comments display is going nuts. Floats are all over the place with margins and paddings randomly (well, almost) applied. You’ve been warned.


WordPress’s Pages in version 1.5 is a godsend feature. It rocks! I just wish the mod_rewrite rules it wrote were simpler. Go on, test this site. The upgrading ain’t done yet, we’re just beginning!

Upgrade in progress

I’ve been trying to complete my upgrade to the latest WordPress while doing a redesign at the same time, and I can’t wait to get things ready. So I’ll just do everything right on my server, live! Pages and functionality will break, along with stupid comments floating all around. Quite surely, the layout will break […]

Email conversations

Just another day of endless chatter over email with office friends, and as the signal–to–noise ratio inverts itself, a friend wanders into the blogosphere looking for some worthwhile reading, and ends up in Joey’s blog reading his entry on Tagaytay and life and dreams. She ends up emailing me about rediscovering jobarclix and his wonderful […]

It’s alive!

Yes, this weblog is still alive, though not much activity except for the occasional recent link every few days. But the coming week should produce some very interesting developments. By the way, I celebrated my birthday two Saturdays ago. Thanks to those who greeted through comments as well as those who texted and made it […]