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  1. Gilbert: I can’t wait! The Labels are really cool.

    Indeed they are. Tagging/labeling albums can very helpful in organizing your photo albums.

    joey: by i need ur help in making a gallery.. btw, nus-a man ko migrate sa imo domain?

    Gallery? Sure. Drop-by diri sa balay unya, or call me. Let’s get you moved soon, I think I have a plan. 😉

    Joachim: now that is tight…. I can’t wait… I will be integrating the new iPAP with my own site reboot.

    Nice to hear that! It’s just as easy as before to use.

    Mathias: Now that looks sweet! Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to work on a commenting system yet… Darn those exams!

    Don’t worry about that for now, ace those exams! I’ve got you covered on the comments. 😉

  2. AJ: hey markku,
    pano mag-upgrade? delete and re-upload na lang ba?

    Upgrading won’t involve re-uploading, that could take years! I’ll have an import script ready for that, actually I already have it but I have to fine–tune it.

    Trebs: ayus mehn. better placement of the thumbnails. pa-integrate din nito sa site a. 🙂

    sige pre I’ll help you install this.

    Joachim: ayo ayo, ang galing pala ng permalinks system mo, astigins pare.

    I really like clean permalinks, especially for public interfaces. 😉

  3. Looking good, Markku! I can’t wait for the new release! 🙂

    One question: will the new version include pagination of the thumbnails, and if not, would that be possible to implement? This would be most handy in galleries with lots of pictures.

  4. http://rebelpixel.com/archives/2005/06/19/ipap-09-beta/

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