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Joke time

Joke-time muna wala ako masulat eh. I got this from an email forwarded by my ninong: A filipino man died and went to heaven. As he stood in front of St. Peter at the Pearly Gates, he saw a huge wall of clocks behind him. He asked, “What are all those clocks?” St. Peter answered, […]

EditPlus 2.20

I know a lot of my readers are EditPlus users like me, so I happily announce the release of EditPlus 2.20, after months (or has it been a year?) of seeming inactivity. Grab it now!


My latest CD review: Cueshe’s “Half Empty, Half Full.” This album is a good buy, the band rocks! Their pop appeal may not be as good as Hale, but they can surely stand their ground. I’m very proud to see another band from Cebu (or anywhere down south) hitting the bigtime. And if you’re looking […]

Google Talk

Now google is talking. I feel like a kid discovering instant messaging, it’s like ICQ days all over again. And it works in the office, at least for now! Haha.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m also writing in one of my new weblogs. I hope to share with everyone, especially Filipino bloggers, the things I’ve learned in the field of — what else — blogging! Let’s see where this takes us.

Ruby on Rails

I just spent a few minutes watching the intro video for Ruby on Rails, and I’m very impressed. No wonder 37signals has developed very successful web applications just within a few months of each other. I’m wondering, do we have equally simple–but–powerful frameworks in PHP? I think I’ll try to learn some Rails. Google/O’Reilly’s Best […]


This entry was written by Jonas, guess writing for Markku to introduce the songs Confused and Dito Ba. Here are the latest songs that Pop Ratio has to offer, fresh off the grill and onto your dining table… We’ve gone 3-piece again, seeing as Don has again managed not to arrive (as opposed to just […]


I just caught a glimpse of Kitchie Nadal’s Ellipse cologne commercial, and now I’m sure the glory days of OPM is back. Reminds me of the Eraserhead’s Chippy ad, the variant with the green pack. Was that ten years ago?

WordPress 1.5.2

There has been much talk on the latest version of WordPress, because someone reported that the WP developers modified the package to reflect a last minute fix on a security vulnerability. The current defense the developers are presenting is that the package was revised before any announcement of its availability was made. That’s a straight […]

Chilli Tees

An officemate’s band was features on Wave 89.1 yesterday, and they played for an hour, live on air! I’m not sure how to categorize their music, but Chilli Tees sounds fresh and promising.

Podcasted, again!

Brendan pinged us to let us know we’ve been podcasted, again! Crash makes it to his latest offering, which I must say raises some interesting issues between podcasting and traditional radio. Listen to the show.


I’m back commenting again, replying to those left behind on entries this month. Leave a comment and I’d be happy to reply. 🙂

Pop Ratio originals

I’ve been pimping my band Pop Ratio here on my weblog for how many entries now, so I guess it would be fitting to share with everyone our music. The first five tracks are originals, and the last is a cover which I shared recently. The originals are copyright Pop Ratio — share, spread the […]

Dynamic Drive

I’ve been browsing articles on AJAX and other Web 2.0 related techniques, and I stumbled upon Dynamic Drive again for the first time in a year. Some of the available scripts can really be useful for improving the latest generation of rich web applications.

Ating Bawiin cover

Since I’ve been talking a lot about bands and music these days, you should grab this cover (mp3) of Rannie Raymundo’s “Ating Bawiin,” performed by an unnamed US–based pinoy band with Joachim Guanzon on the guitars with his beautiful Tele. This is from their Mahal Pa Rin Kita sessions just about a week ago. They […]

Ten years ago

A little over ten years ago, we dreamed of making it big. It was the OPM era, with bands sprouting like wild grass all over the country, much like now. We learned every OPM hit song, playing them like we were our own. Our Pisay batchmates would often tease us as big Eraserheads wannabes, and […]

Live design ongoing

The live design is still ongoing, and parts of the site may break. Leave a comment if you see something funny. Yes, I still do read them, I just don’t reply for now until I’ve accomplished certain things.

Warning: Live Design

I’m doing a live redesign on this site, just as I write this. Some pages may look funny, but they’ll be fine probably in a few hours. I’m going for the no–image look, as you can see. Or maybe not. And the complete redesign? I guess my laziness right now leans towards the slim chance […]

Pop Ratio podcasted

This is late, but I forgot to mention it last time so I will now. Pop Ratio was featured in a podcast! We were on show #35 at Incoherent Ramblings, and I personally see it as a significant milestone in our band’s 10-year existence. Oh my, we’re really that old? Many thanks to Brendan and […]

Pop Ratio music

These are some of our recorded covers, in low-bitrate mp3 format, ideal for mobile phones. 214 Drive It’s Over Now Man In The Mirror Panahon Na Naman Separate Lives Inuman Na Boys Don’t Cry Crazy For You Himala Awit Ng Kabataan I’ll Be Pagbabalik Esem Pardon Me

Blogging again

I think I’m back blogging again, but right now without a great percentage of this site. I’m rebuilding, bored with the recent layout so quickly that I never tried to get it to 100% completion. Having said that, the chances of using it again is quite slim, unless I do so badly in making a […]