This is the archive page for October 2005

Service failure?

Warning: This is a rant. Last night, our house lost electricity at around 8:30 PM caused by sparks in the main line leading to our house. Seeing that our neighbors’ electricity weren’t affected at all, we called MERALCO’s 16211 hotline to report the problem. The girl on the line said a service crew would arrive […]

Anne’s birthday

I spent Monday with Anne on her 23rd birthday, visiting her grandmother and spending lunch with family. We had a grand time just talking as we travelled, the first time I’ve taken public transport for long travels since my visit to Ilocos last year. Special days shouldn’t pass by without great memories, so we went […]

Originals reloaded

The greatest band in the Philippines had a jam this weekend, recording some fresh tracks. Pop Ratio on the other hand was busy recording in their very own Studio B facilities to provide some magic to their original songs. And produce a podcast to end all podcast shows, which we’ll probably release to the public […]


I’m writing this using Flock, though I’m down with the fever here at home. I’m not really sure about the benefits of using a specialized browser to handle my activities, since I’m basically a hack and slash kind of person who’d rather do things *not* based on specific tools. More thoughts on this in the […]

PBB fixed?

Email reports are spreading that Pinoy Big Brother is apparently fixed, though it would be very hard to confirm this. As the story unfolds, I can’t help but wonder if this allegations could possibly be true. Some events inside the house are just too good (or too bad) to be “unscriptedly” real life.


If you’ve been following Pinoy Big Brother, you’d be amazed at the twists and turns the story has taken since it started — another 100 second encounter which we guessed, well, sort of. Then we get five nominees for eviction, just after a former housemate reenters the show. At the rate things are going, nothing […]

I’ve been tagged…

Diong tagged me, so I’ll do this really quick. It’s supposed to work this way: “20 random facts about me then tag the same amount of people as minutes it takes you to write the facts.” You can never see me without a Vicks inhaler. I’m a web addict, surfing the internet the whole day […]

Mishka Adams

My officemates were bugging me with my Mishka Adams photos, and Claire even took the time to use my contact form. Here they are, in Picasa2–edited glory.

One million pageviews

One million pageviews since June 2005, with traffic coming mostly from search engines. No it’s not rebelpixel productions but lyrics! It’s the site I usually refer to as “my other blog,” the one responsible for taking me to six-figure-blogging, at least in peso terms. A million page hits, with roughly 300,000 unique visitors over the […]

How to lose your readers without trying

You’ve probably encountered all the great articles on building blog readership and circulation, but you’re wondering why nobody reads your entries. As a service to everyone, I’m providing a short list of things applicable to this weblog that has contributed to the decline of the pool of my regular readers. Yes, unfortunately for me, this […]