Originals reloaded

Sleeping beauty. Or should that be beast?

The greatest band in the Philippines had a jam this weekend, recording some fresh tracks. Pop Ratio on the other hand was busy recording in their very own Studio B facilities to provide some magic to their original songs. And produce a podcast to end all podcast shows, which we’ll probably release to the public soon. And then a parody entitled “Bading Ako” based on the current local hit blatantly ripped by a bunch of BritPop wannabes. For now enjoy the re-recorded originals.

  1. Confused
  2. Cut Into Me
  3. Dito Ba
  4. How Do I
  5. Tanong

8 Responses

  1. markku: potah!!! naisahan niyo ko ni don ah!!! *#@+%$#@*&!!! di bale, at least di ako mukang masyado mataba dun…

    carlo: tawa-tawa ka dyan?! hintay ka lang, may araw ka din… di ba makku? hehe

    to the other people: enjoy the music. we worked hard to come up with those songs. though we also had fun. maybe too much in fact… as evidenced by the picture you see right here… hehehe…

  2. Jolo, I’ll try to do that soon. 😉 Btw, punta ka bukas sa blogger lunch?

    Carlo, ang gwapo ba ni Jonas sa pose na yan noh? Parang buhay. hehehe. 😉

  3. http://rebelpixel.com/archives/2005/11/18/80-pop-ratio/
  4. http://rebelpixel.com/?p=527

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