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So I went to Canon yesterday. I still felt bad about the error 99 and not having a good camera I can shoot with, considering it’s already “ber” season. Upon arrival at Canon’s Pasong Tamo office, I suddenly felt good waiting in line in the company of pro shooters, also with their broken gear. Ah, heaven. Success. I’m in the same place as people who take photos for a living. I’ve always dreamed of this, except for the part where I’m pondering on the life (or death?) of the dSLR I’m holding.

Most of those present were most likely photojournalists, judging from the state of their gear. One guy had a silver Digital Rebel that was almost black due to wear. I couldn’t imagine the situations the camera must’ve been through in its lifetime. And then there was this Canon–shooting, conio–looking girl accompanied by an equally sosi–sounding, Nikon–shooting guy, and all they did was talk about gear. I’m sure he shoots Nikon, he praises the D200 like its twice as good as the 20D and even better than the 5D. Duh. Hahaha, let the flames begin. Hehe.

But let’s go back to my D60. After almost 30 minutes of waiting, it was finally my turn at the service reception table. Like a pro I spoke, explaining the error code that was appearing even without a lens and a CF card. The girl attending to me promptly asked their technical people, and was back in a few seconds reporting that it could be the shutter, just as Karl suspected. Again like a pro, I asked how much it would cost me. “Sir, 3500 po yung shutter tapos 1,500 yung sa labor. 14 working days po matatapos yun.” Now I really feel like a seasoned pro, taking an unexpected 5k damage for camera gear. I’d pay the price since I don’t really have a choice, but how I wish they don’t have to make me wait three weeks! Now I’m just hoping that’s all there is to pay, I can’t afford any surprises. Not unless it’s the lotto jackpot.

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