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Another one for Christmas

Yes I’m in the mood for blogging Christmas photos, so I’m posting another one from my recent UP shoot. I think I should just post all of them so I’d be forced to shoot a new set for next Christmas, which will hopefully have grand decorations considering the just approved tuition fee increase. Nonsense. Christmas […]

Merry Christmas!

It has been my tradition for the past three years to write a Christmas entry on the 25th of December, or sometime near that date. This time though, I’ll be doing it earlier for a change. Not surprisingly, it is another Oblation/UP shot though at least this one was recently shot unlike the dated photos […]

Problogging at the Blog Herald

Yes, I’m now a problogger at the Blog Herald! Abe broke the news out yesterday right after I got my brief introduction published. Just a short story: When I heard that Abe was taking over and will be doing editorial duties for the new TBH owners, I was very surprised at the turn of events. […]

Pisay ’96 Streetkids Christmas Party

Two Sundays ago, our high school batch had a little Christmas party for street children. We invited small groups near Diliman and brought them to the UP Lagoon for their celebration. Though it rained briefly, it didn’t stop us from pushing through. We moved to the Quezon Hall and it was more than enough for […]

Graphika Manila

Last Saturday’s Graphika Manila was a huge success with over 1,300 attendees. Being the first international multimedia design conference held here in the Philippines, interest across all related fields was high, especially with the presence of popular local outfits like Team Manila and Inksurge. More importantly (no offense to our local guys), the world–famous Joshua […]

7 Signs of Blog Decline

How would you know if your weblog isn’t as good or as valuable as it used to be? My observations will certainly help you. 😉 Your feedburner chicklet’s figure is going down. I used to have more than 200 subscribers on my feedburner chicklet, now it’s much less than that. Less subscribers could only mean […]

Guess who’s 24 today?

Happy birthday Anne. 🙂 Wishing you a life of blessings and success, because you deserve it. May you have a truly wonderful birthday. God bless. I love you. Uwi ka na, shopping ka ng shopping sa Tutuban eh, date na tayo… 😉

Anne at UP

So I finally got myself the famous Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L, one of the best lenses you can get for Canon’s EF mount. Karl found a good deal on an IS version, so he was selling his old one. Being one of his long–time slaves friends, I was first in line and with a price too […]

A tip for the web 2.0 generation

These days, almost everyone is into running a weblog and trying to make money online. The availability of WordPress and cheap hosting has enabled every dreamer to go into micro–content publishing and cash their part of the AdSense pie. However, the weblog plus adsense formula has only led to eerily–similar sites, many of which bordering […]

Mini-Review: The Departed

A short list of reasons why you should watch the movie The Departed: A different Leonardo DiCaprio. I enjoyed Catch Me If You Can and The Beach, now here’s another one for his list. Jack Nicholson acting all strange and scary, sometimes funny. Doing what he always does best. Mark Wahlberg talking like a dirty […]

SMB Oktoberfest 2006

I was fortunate enough to shoot the SMB Oktoberfest opening at the SM Megamall last Wednesday and got around a thousand photos, though I haven’t browsed it thoroughly for keepers. It rained midway through the evening but that didn’t dampen the rockfest that went on until around 3 AM. Pardon the crappy non–inspired writing, I […]

After the 2006 Blogcon

I could write a lot of things about the blogcon last Monday but I’d just be echoing what everyone has to say about it. So I’ll just mention that AJ noted that I (along with Anne) had a grand entrance for being fashionably late, though I didn’t notice. 😉 I was so hungry I even […]


I’m just too overloaded with work and other things right now that I could hardly keep my weblogs running. It’s nice that if I couldn’t write, I think I can get away with a few links and some photos. I’m lucky enough to have a handful of eager models; Anne gamely posed with Barbie on […]

BlogCon 2006

There will be a blogging conference on the 25th of this month (September) from 7 to 10 PM at the National Sports Grill in Greenbelt 3, Makati. This is sponsored by Globe Innove who was also behind the blogger dinner that we had a few weeks ago, which reminds me that I haven’t really written […]

Fun shoot

Joey finally succumbed to the digital SLR craze and helped himself to a Canon EOS 350D, going all the way to Hidalgo in Quiapo on lunchtime of a working Monday. He couldn’t make himself wait for the just announced 400D, and right away scheduled a photo shoot with our friend Arvi. She gamely posed for […]

PHP rocks! (Java sucks?)

I’m not a fan of rant–type entries though I just feel like doing it now. I’ve been going through java training here in the office and there’s one thing I could say: PHP rocks! Java/JSP/Struts and everything that comes with it is nice, but coming from a PHP background I just feel like they’re trying […]

On Ninoy…

I would’ve written something nice for August 21, the commemoration of Ninoy Aquino’s death, but I remember the headline from two years ago: Ironic, isn’t it? What was supposed to be a turn in the positive direction has led us to where we are now, a place where no journalist can criticize a non–transparent leadership, […]

Band of Bloggers

In typical fashion, I’m late. Rico [that’s a PR6 link, bro] just wrote about our trip to Tagaytay last Saturday and both Abe and Jayvee posted on the topic earlier today. Since all four of us were male bloggers, we decided to call ourselves “Band of Bloggers.” Discussion ranged from blogging to other forms of […]

Two days ago…

Two days ago, this weblog was four years old. I thank you and the rest of my [4 years x 365 days/year x 7 readers/day = 10220 readers] for being here, even if just for a short while. It’s still as fun as it was before, and surely will continue to be. Of course I’m […]


BukoPie is a new feed reader for WordPress I hacked from the SimplePie demo, allowing WP users to have their own XML feed reader right in the WordPress dash/admin pages. I added functionality for keeping a feed subscription list and tag–based categorization. I’m sure this isn’t the first feed reader for WP, but it fills […]

Mini-Review: Click

Would you believe I cried watching Adam Sandler’s Click? Yes I did. I wasn’t expecting this to be of any DVD–shelf value just like most Adam Sandler starrers, but this flick surprisingly has some. It’s not your typical watch and laugh affair, you may even feel it’s a bit lacking than expected in that department. […]

Got a secret?

If you like the weblog, you’re gonna love the book. A friend just bought a copy of the recently released PostSecret book through and had it shipped directly to Manila, all for less than 30 dollars. A good price, if you pretend that the shipping cost wasn’t almost half of the price you paid. […]

Mini-Review: Miami Vice

We barely made it to the late afternoon screening of Miami Vice last Thursday, getting inside the theatre just as the first scene was rolling. From that point until the end, I don’t recall myself yawning and I didn’t take a bathroom break at all. The movie was that good! Well, at least for me. […]

Look Up

Scouting any location for a photo opp, you usually walk around searching for an interesting scene or a captivating view. On some rare ocassions though, all you have to do is look up. Walking life with a tinge of uncertainty and doubt, we seek meaning and answers to questions we adamantly consider still unanswered. But […]

Pinoy Bloggers Meetup Two

Remember the blogger meetup I wrote about more than a week ago? As usual, I’m one of the last ones to write about it. Abe was quick to upload photos from his spankin’ new Canon EOS 350D which everyone used for most of the evening. My D60 was seated on the sidelines occassionally stealing some […]

Blogger meetup, again!

There will be another blogger meetup this Saturday, this time at Italianni’s Greenbelt 2. Jayvee is spearheading this one again, and a round of beer is on him. Abe will be there as well, and if we’re lucky maybe we can have him pay for bottomless iced tea! Who: All bloggers, casual and professional When: […]

Let there be light

I just finished reading this great set of articles from Strobist, a great resource–in–a–weblog for shooting with portable hotshoe flashes. Though I’ve been shooting with a Canon EOS D60 and a Sigma EF500 DG Super for almost a year now, I feel I’m severely lacking in skill in flash photography. I just wrote about taking […]

Globe HSDPA @ 2000

With my problems concerning Smart WiFi’s mediocre service, I couldn’t resist inquiring about Globe’s “3G Mobile with HSDPA.” While passing time at the Podium last Saturday, Anne and I asked about the new service, already anticipating a steep price. We were happily surprised when the Globe Hub agent mentioned that it is currently priced at […]

WordPress Support and the WordPress Economy

WordPress users have surely heard the news regarding the recently launched Automattic Support Network. Many were quick to analyze the move, some insinuating lesser quality support for the rest of the WordPress community. But I refuse to agree. Just as Donncha sees it, this can only be a win–win solution for everyone. It legitimizes the […]

Blogger meetup photos

Last night, I was with fellow pinoy bloggers for dinner and a round of San Mig Light, followed by sundae at Iceberg. Too bad the attendance was just a handful, you would’ve enjoyed the free treats. Hehehe. 😉 I was actually very late that one of the first four present already left and Ka Edong […]

The depression sessions

I just realized I’ve been posting mp3 music to this weblog for some time now, probably entirely from my band’s various jam sessions. Though I prefer to share a set of songs all from the same session, this time I have a few from a span of a few days. In these four songs, it’s […]

First Wedding Photos

Sharing some photos from the wedding I covered last Friday, the first one I shot on my own after months of training from the excellent “Mimi and Karl School of Wedding Photography.” 😉 I owe it to the wonderful couple Ramil and Kristine for allowing me to capture a significant milestone in their lives. And […]

Number one?

The first results for the google query “isulong seoph” (without the quotes) is now steadily made available. Currently, the SERPs returns varied results for different IPs, browsers, google accounts, and other parameters we may never know. As it stands, my entry domain is at number one for most of the result sets, though strangely […]

Smart WiFi/Bro problems

I’m supposed to write a lengthy entry on WordPress plugins and how they can greatly affect the blogging experience both for the authors and readers. Unfortunately, my Smart WiFi/Bro broadband connection just went kaput last Saturday afternoon and hasn’t been restored since then. No amount of calls to their support number combined repetitive troubleshooting helped; […]

Isulong SEOPH!

With 130,000 pesos worth of prizes, can you afford not joining? I’m going for this one, despite my meager knowledge of search engine optimization. Isulong SEOPH! Join the fun, we all have a lot to learn. 😉


Yes, this photo is from the same set as the one posted here. Taken last Holy Week on Maundy Thursday, using my D60 and a Canon 50mm f/1.8 MkII, most likely at f/1.8 and ISO 400. Just sharing a photo from my archives. 🙂

Comments are back

Joachim emailed me that he couldn’t leave a comment on my site for some unexplained reason. Form submission ends with a white blank page. So I took a look at my comments template and there it was, a stupid coding oversight left when I upgraded my site and templates to WordPress 2. Comments should be […]

New lens, new photos

A visit to Hidalgo Street in Quiapo can be a costly adventure. Yes, you got that right, but I wasn’t robbed. I just sort of spent way more than I should be spending on this photography hobby. 😉 Last week, my ‘el cheapo’ 1GB CF card decided to finally die after less than four months […]

Read the right sources

The past few months, I slowly noticed that my feedreading list has grown to become one huge unmanageable mess. The rapid growth of weblogs has spawned sites providing similar information on the same topics. It is easily noticeable that my unread folder contains several items discussing the same news developments. I used to subscribe to […]

Sunday music

Jonas was here last night just hangin’ out, so we recorded a cover. This is Fra Lippo Lippi’s “Light And Shade,” obviously inspired by their recent promotional events for the Araneta concert on the 13th of this month. Hannu desperately wants to catch this, can anyone help us score tickets? 😉

Mini-Review: Mission Impossible 3

This is a film you cannot afford to miss. Despite the fact that Tom Cruise is getting older and his leading ladies get even younger, the Mission Impossible franchise manages to release another good one, and this installment does it without much promotional fanfare, at least compared to the previous two. Or maybe I just […]

Writing, writing, writing

Reading Zeldman’s latest entry “Hi, Mom!”, I recall the not too recent times when I was just trying to learn basic web design, when I would religiously go to everyday to learn on the technical and philosophical aspects of the practice. Jeffrey Zeldman was like a god, and everyone eagerly looked forward to his […]

Photos & Plugins

I have a few albums of photos from our recent trip to Banio Kreek Farms in Silang, Cavite. This is the first time our training batch actually did something big, and we’ve been together for almost two years now. Yes it took us this long, so calling the activity a milestone is really an understatement. […]

iBlog2 in pictures

                      It was really nice to see how far Filipino bloggers have come, now on its Second Philippine Blogging Summit. I was able to take a few photos at the problogging panel, the only one I actually attended. I was there with Anne around lunchtime, […]

Inline Links Dilemma

Dougal’s recent decision to turn off automatic link posting has got me thinking: do readers really read the links I post? My recent links plugin used to be just a link sharing module displayed on my homepage, but recent developments has turned it into something very much similar to Kottke’s remaindered links, which in by […]

Mini-Review: Lucky Number Slevin

Bruce Willis is still a seller. Paired with Josh Hartnett in this twist–filled crime movie, they are an exciting pair caught between rival crime groups trying to get the best of each other. Compared to other recent action movies, this one is entertaining enough for a weekend viewing. For most of the movie, you will […]


Note: The service in question is Hane.PH!, with the URL, which I find very catchy. From its homepage and title tags, its supposed to be a “Philippine business directory, built to build your business online.” Unfortunately, all it has right now is a homepage linked to sections that return an HTTP 404 status message, […]


Reading comments on Yuga’s blog, I came across an interesting site named “Hane.PH!”, predictably with the catchy domain. The homepage appears to be a business directory of sorts, and the about page claims: this will be the Philippines most used, most trusted, and most reliable Business Directory and this blog is where you get […]

Believe Me I’m Sorry

I’m sorry. Things have been said that should’ve never been said, and in some way through those words we’ve hurt people we hold dearly, no matter how indirectly it may seem to be. And though things have been said and we may never turn back time to take them back, I’d say sorry just the […]

Featured at Yugatech

I’m featured at Yuga’s blog for his series on Filipino probloggers which will be part of his talk on the upcoming 2nd Philippine Blogging Summit, to be held on the 18th of this month. Now that’s a really bad picture. Hehe.

Alphabet blocks

Another photograph to take the place of what is supposed to be semi–regular writings and ramblings on life. Or nonsense.


I’ve been meaning to write, yet other things have caught up with me, eating away my time. Maybe through the occasional photos I can still make you smile.

Mini-Review: V for Vendetta

This is an entertaining movie, especially if you’re part of the “Matrix generation.” The Wachowski Brothers prove that there is life after the Matrix trilogy, especially after “Matrix Revolutions,” which I consider one of the most disappointing films of the decade. V for Vendetta will entertain you, and it makes me smile the way I […]

A blog here, a blog there

If you’ve been inspecting this page quite closely, you would’ve noticed the “Also blogging” tab on my sidebar. Yes, I just started a few weblogs on certain topics I’m familiar with and trying to write with a schedule, unlike here on rebelpixel productions. problogger philippines should tackle professional blogging in the same way as Darren […]

Some photos

Just some photos with a Sony Ericsson k750i, post–processed. I think this will be my pseudo–lomo! 🙂

My birthday wish

Dear credit card companies, Please stop calling and getting my personal details for your credit card applications. More importantly, please don’t tell me I’ve been pre–approved only to deny me after a few weeks. Please take pity on my poor self-esteem. My friend Joey has explained this before, and unless you give me a card […]

Mini-Review: Syriana

Having caught Syriana just last Tuesday, I only have one word to describe the film: boring. I expected more from a George Clooney starrer, knowing Steven Soderbergh co–produced the movie; it hardly kept me awake. The story that tackles the United States’s control of the worldwide oil market through various channels is interesting though fails […]

Markup tuneup

There’s a markup tuneup ongoing here on, I’m “realigning.” I’m taking bits and pieces from my old works, and learning a thing or two from current designs and ideas. Finally, I’m using icons for comments and permalinks, currently from the excellent “Almost Spring” theme by Becca Wei. For sure, there will be more changes […]

State of Emergency

A day before the 20th anniversary of the Edsa Revolution, the Philippines appears headed for another democratic crisis. Unfortunately this time, the need for the declared “State of Emergency” is highly debatable, just as the need for mass rallies. Everyone is fighting for something, yet our actions can only lead us to harder times. Damned […]

Leyte Landslide

Why do we Filipinos choose to help only when it seems a bit too late? Like in the ultra stampede, why do we show concern only when lives are lost, mostly when our help can no longer turn back tragedy? Couldn’t we have made their lives better when they were still alive to benefit from […]

The Beatles

Look at what Anne got me for Valentine’s Day, a very nice framed Beatles poster. Patrick was more than ready to join in and pose. 😉 Thanks Anne, happy hearts day. I love you. 🙂 I hope you like this song.

Ultra Stampede

By now, you probably have gone through hours of ABS–CBN coverage of the unfortunate ULTRA stampede caused by thousands of Filipinos trying to join the anniversary of the gameshow “Wowowee,” also from the same station. The chance of winning was too enticing, with most of the crowd coming from the less privileged parts of Metro […]

Status Report

I’ve been having trouble writing coherently again, so I guess my ideas are better left in outline form. Photojunkie Rannie Turingan is a finalist in the 2006 Bloggies! This is noteworthy news, him being one of the prominent users of iPAP, and more importantly a proud Filipino photographer. Good luck! Speaking of iPAP, I’m back […]

204 subscribers

According to Feedburner, there are 204 subscribers to my feeds as of January 20, 2006. I finally crossed 200. Though I have no idea what percentage are real human readers and what are automated crawlers, I still think this is a significant milestone for this weblog. This will likely be a good year. 😉

Don’t Give Up On Us

It’s not really as bad as you would think. Last weekend, I finally got to see the Piolo Pascual — Judy Anne Santos starrer “Don’t Give Up On Us,” one of the better Filipino films to greet the new year. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this movie the first time I saw the trailer […]

Filipino problogger

I just heard from Yuga that one of us is going the problogging route full–time. J Angelo will be taking care of several weblogs, similar to writers in big networks like Weblogs, Inc and Gawker Media. I’m quite surprised with Yuga’s suggestion that I might be going the problogging way soon. No, I don’t think […]

More coke

You’ve seen the first one, right? Now that you’ve got an idea how much I’m addicted to Coke, I promise this will be the last ones from this set, at least for the next few entries. 🙂 Hey Coca-Cola, get me to shoot your next campaign! Hahaha.

Office people

Looking at Jake’s latest photos, I just can’t help but play with the “cross-processed and framed” look. Watcha think? 😉

Blue Moon

I just watched Regal Film’s Blue Moon last Thursday night, an entry in this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival. Anne wanted to see it so badly; I on the other hand was thinking I’d rather see Exodus if I was to watch a movie in this year’s fest. To my surprise, the movie was above […]