Status Report

Sunset at Manila Bay.

I’ve been having trouble writing coherently again, so I guess my ideas are better left in outline form.

  • Photojunkie Rannie Turingan is a finalist in the 2006 Bloggies! This is noteworthy news, him being one of the prominent users of iPAP, and more importantly a proud Filipino photographer. Good luck!
  • Speaking of iPAP, I’m back coding again, though spare time has been very scarce. I’ve got lots of ideas for it, mostly inspired by Flickr and similar great services. However, I’m quite sure that many of them will be left out since iPAP has always been created with one important detail in mind — simplicity.
  • I’ve been shooting a lot lately, thanks to Karl and Mimi. Wedding photography is a blast and I have several keepers that I’d love to post, but not until the next iPAP update, and maybe a different layout.
  • Yes, I really want a new layout. I have a hybrid in the works since October that’s a lot like the famous old orange layout, but with a few tricks and tweaks. I want a fresh, inviting design that would help get more freelance design and development gigs so I can pay for my hobbies.
  • Actually, hobby. I’ve gone deeper into photography the past months and I think it’s worth diving into some more, especially now that I’m still relatively young to take my chances. Taking photos, I could do this all my life. 😉
  • I just bought a cheap 1GB compactflash card with average writing performance, because I couldn’t find stocks of Sandisk Ultra II locally. And I’m sure if there are, they’re priced steeply. Do you think you can help me?
  • And now that I’m talking about things I cannot afford, I want a 20D. Or whatever Canon has in line in the next few weeks. And I want the recently announced Sigma 17-70 for my D60. And the Canon 70-200 F/4L. But if I could only make one wish, I’d take a 5D. Hehe.
  • Now that I’m not making sense, I just want to sleep. 😉

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