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  1. any1 who has a book report on bo sanchez’s book your past does not define your future?
    any related article will be appreciated
    kindly send to my email ad: knewthesame@yahoo.com
    tnx GOD BLESS US ALL!!! happy new year!

  2. Richard, it’s quite reasonably priced and well worth it’s price, just get yourself a copy and read it. You can finish it in a few hours. 🙂

  3. good book yet priceless..
    it’s another point of giving yourself a chance.whether you have the same tragic experience or not, what matters is that you, continue to live and grow..accept it quickly and maximize what God has given to us..
    we belong to same buch of bananas..the so-called victims of victims..

  4. nabasa ko na yan..super ang ganda…

    ….he’s a very good example to us…just buy and read it….i already read that book for only 200 pesos..ewan ko lang ngaun,,,i guess 300 na xa…

    …thanks God for allowing bro. bo to share his wonderful story…

  5. ang ganda talaga sobra,,,,,,,,,,, inspired talaga aq sa book ni Bo Sachez………. keep up the good works Bo…………

  6. i really haven’t read this book yet, actually i just bought 3 days ago and i wanted to give it to my boyfriend as a gift. I wanted to give him something he could treasure and inspire him to continue following his dreams . Even if he doesn’t tell me, I know that he is feeling depressed. So even if I don’t know the story behind this book, I am sure that this will give him a boost and continue hoping to have a better future for him, and for us.Thanks and God Bless!

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