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Writing, writing, writing

Reading Zeldman’s latest entry “Hi, Mom!”, I recall the not too recent times when I was just trying to learn basic web design, when I would religiously go to everyday to learn on the technical and philosophical aspects of the practice. Jeffrey Zeldman was like a god, and everyone eagerly looked forward to his […]

Photos & Plugins

I have a few albums of photos from our recent trip to Banio Kreek Farms in Silang, Cavite. This is the first time our training batch actually did something big, and we’ve been together for almost two years now. Yes it took us this long, so calling the activity a milestone is really an understatement. […]

iBlog2 in pictures

                      It was really nice to see how far Filipino bloggers have come, now on its Second Philippine Blogging Summit. I was able to take a few photos at the problogging panel, the only one I actually attended. I was there with Anne around lunchtime, […]

Inline Links Dilemma

Dougal’s recent decision to turn off automatic link posting has got me thinking: do readers really read the links I post? My recent links plugin used to be just a link sharing module displayed on my homepage, but recent developments has turned it into something very much similar to Kottke’s remaindered links, which in by […]

Mini-Review: Lucky Number Slevin

Bruce Willis is still a seller. Paired with Josh Hartnett in this twist–filled crime movie, they are an exciting pair caught between rival crime groups trying to get the best of each other. Compared to other recent action movies, this one is entertaining enough for a weekend viewing. For most of the movie, you will […]


Note: The service in question is Hane.PH!, with the URL, which I find very catchy. From its homepage and title tags, its supposed to be a “Philippine business directory, built to build your business online.” Unfortunately, all it has right now is a homepage linked to sections that return an HTTP 404 status message, […]


Reading comments on Yuga’s blog, I came across an interesting site named “Hane.PH!”, predictably with the catchy domain. The homepage appears to be a business directory of sorts, and the about page claims: this will be the Philippines most used, most trusted, and most reliable Business Directory and this blog is where you get […]

Believe Me I’m Sorry

I’m sorry. Things have been said that should’ve never been said, and in some way through those words we’ve hurt people we hold dearly, no matter how indirectly it may seem to be. And though things have been said and we may never turn back time to take them back, I’d say sorry just the […]

Featured at Yugatech

I’m featured at Yuga’s blog for his series on Filipino probloggers which will be part of his talk on the upcoming 2nd Philippine Blogging Summit, to be held on the 18th of this month. Now that’s a really bad picture. Hehe.

Alphabet blocks

Another photograph to take the place of what is supposed to be semi–regular writings and ramblings on life. Or nonsense.