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  1. you know, most of the people featured or those who go to the blogging events are bloggers i haven’t even heard before?!?! who are these people? maybe i’m just in the livejournal bubble. blogs outside livejournal seem like islands, hard to paddle from one to another.

  2. You’ve got a point Grace. Most of these bloggers are well–known throughout the pinoy blogosphere in their respective topics of interest. 🙂

    Livejournal is a community, and it’s easier to read the ones you really like. But do read outside blogs as well and invite more readership. 😉

  3. Grace, it really depends on your blog’s purpose. I guess your LJ account does its job well, for what you envisioned it to be. 🙂

    The prominent bloggers I was referring to in this entry are specifically “professional bloggers,” those who keep several profitable weblogs focussed on certain topics.

    Comparing these weblogs to personal ones isn’t really fair as they serve different readers and have different goals. 😉

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