This is the archive page for May 2006


Yes, this photo is from the same set as the one posted here. Taken last Holy Week on Maundy Thursday, using my D60 and a Canon 50mm f/1.8 MkII, most likely at f/1.8 and ISO 400. Just sharing a photo from my archives. 🙂

Comments are back

Joachim emailed me that he couldn’t leave a comment on my site for some unexplained reason. Form submission ends with a white blank page. So I took a look at my comments template and there it was, a stupid coding oversight left when I upgraded my site and templates to WordPress 2. Comments should be […]

New lens, new photos

A visit to Hidalgo Street in Quiapo can be a costly adventure. Yes, you got that right, but I wasn’t robbed. I just sort of spent way more than I should be spending on this photography hobby. 😉 Last week, my ‘el cheapo’ 1GB CF card decided to finally die after less than four months […]

Read the right sources

The past few months, I slowly noticed that my feedreading list has grown to become one huge unmanageable mess. The rapid growth of weblogs has spawned sites providing similar information on the same topics. It is easily noticeable that my unread folder contains several items discussing the same news developments. I used to subscribe to […]

Sunday music

Jonas was here last night just hangin’ out, so we recorded a cover. This is Fra Lippo Lippi’s “Light And Shade,” obviously inspired by their recent promotional events for the Araneta concert on the 13th of this month. Hannu desperately wants to catch this, can anyone help us score tickets? 😉

Mini-Review: Mission Impossible 3

This is a film you cannot afford to miss. Despite the fact that Tom Cruise is getting older and his leading ladies get even younger, the Mission Impossible franchise manages to release another good one, and this installment does it without much promotional fanfare, at least compared to the previous two. Or maybe I just […]