This is the archive page for June 2006

WordPress Support and the WordPress Economy

WordPress users have surely heard the news regarding the recently launched Automattic Support Network. Many were quick to analyze the move, some insinuating lesser quality support for the rest of the WordPress community. But I refuse to agree. Just as Donncha sees it, this can only be a win–win solution for everyone. It legitimizes the […]

Blogger meetup photos

Last night, I was with fellow pinoy bloggers for dinner and a round of San Mig Light, followed by sundae at Iceberg. Too bad the attendance was just a handful, you would’ve enjoyed the free treats. Hehehe. 😉 I was actually very late that one of the first four present already left and Ka Edong […]

The depression sessions

I just realized I’ve been posting mp3 music to this weblog for some time now, probably entirely from my band’s various jam sessions. Though I prefer to share a set of songs all from the same session, this time I have a few from a span of a few days. In these four songs, it’s […]

First Wedding Photos

Sharing some photos from the wedding I covered last Friday, the first one I shot on my own after months of training from the excellent “Mimi and Karl School of Wedding Photography.” 😉 I owe it to the wonderful couple Ramil and Kristine for allowing me to capture a significant milestone in their lives. And […]

Number one?

The first results for the google query “isulong seoph” (without the quotes) is now steadily made available. Currently, the SERPs returns varied results for different IPs, browsers, google accounts, and other parameters we may never know. As it stands, my entry domain is at number one for most of the result sets, though strangely […]

Smart WiFi/Bro problems

I’m supposed to write a lengthy entry on WordPress plugins and how they can greatly affect the blogging experience both for the authors and readers. Unfortunately, my Smart WiFi/Bro broadband connection just went kaput last Saturday afternoon and hasn’t been restored since then. No amount of calls to their support number combined repetitive troubleshooting helped; […]

Isulong SEOPH!

With 130,000 pesos worth of prizes, can you afford not joining? I’m going for this one, despite my meager knowledge of search engine optimization. Isulong SEOPH! Join the fun, we all have a lot to learn. 😉