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Google search results for 'isulong seoph' for June 7, 2006.

The first results for the google query “isulong seoph” (without the quotes) is now steadily made available. Currently, the SERPs returns varied results for different IPs, browsers, google accounts, and other parameters we may never know. As it stands, my entry domain is at number one for most of the result sets, though strangely ranked lower for other browsers, like the one we should’ve stopped using a few years ago. 😉 This contest is now really heating up with participants from all over, we now have 35,000 results for the contest keyword! If you’d like to help out, a link to would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

Seeing that I’m quite back to blogging, yes my Smart WiFi/Bro connection is back. Mysteriously, it just works after three days of constantly giving me an IP of Three days without service is hell, I don’t think it qualifies for a “we deeply apologize for the trouble” excuse. Maybe a “don’t pay for the month” message would’ve been better, but seriously I’d take a zero downtime service that I’d gladly pay in full. My previous entry on the problem now has several comments ranging from serious to downright funny. The famous Yuga was quick to reply that he’s still helping those having problems with Smart’s service, despite what many of us might think. His Smart WiFi Chronicles weblog is actively documenting the intricacies of the broadband service and doing well in advocating cosumer rights awareness, perhaps one of the very first in our country to do it through online medium.

By the way, I shot a prenup last weekend for a Pisay batchmate who’s getting married on Friday. It was my first prenup and I don’t think I did well, surely not as much as these guys always do. I have two weddings to shoot this weekend, I hope my months of “training” with Karl and Mimi helps. 😉 Photos in the next few days, or maybe in a month, as Anne would often kid me regarding my photo posting schedule. Hehe. 😉

The look of love.

Okay, I just can’t resist sharing one now. 🙂

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  1. Wow…magpapakasal na pala si Ramil, congrats sa kanya…sa gilid ng Eng’g building yan diba?

  2. Yep, ikakasal na sila this Friday. Oo sa eng’g nga yan malapit sa dating matchpoint… bagong waiting shed. Inabot mo pa yung shed na yan, Carlo?

  3. sweet!


    puede rin ba ako mag pre-nup pictorial? wala lang.. kahit hindi pa ikakasal at walang pakakasalan…

    kuha nalang tayo ng hunky model… ahahahaha

  4. leia, at sinong hunky model naman ang naiisip mo? Isang “morenong” tao ba? Or a “gregarious” gentleman? 😉 Hehehe.

  5. ang future!


    naisip ko tuloy.. puede ba mahiram si mr. moreno sa isang araw (gabi) na photo shoot…

    german moreno!!!

  6. OMG!?!?! ramil is getting married?!?!?!?!? ISN”T HE LIKE YOUNGER THAN US BY ATLEAST 3 YEARS?!?!?! I was 14 when he was 10 years old and we were both freshmen in pisay. ANO BAH!

  7. @leia: Itigil mo na ang pagkukunwari. Aminin mo na kung sino ba talaga sa kanila… hehehe.

    @manoki: Yep, si Ramil nga yan. 🙂

    @grace: Yeah, I think three years nga yata. Napag-iiwanan na ang iba sa batch natin. 😉

  8. If you could put admin features on my WP Dapit Hapon theme, I’d be glad to share theme link-whoring with you 😀 i bought my domain nung Feb lang, no SEO, just a link from the Dapit Hapon theme… PR6 na sya ngayon. Lakas talaga ng hatak sa linking ng themes, parang abnormal haha.

    I’ve been asking around for somebody who can add an customizing feature on Dapit Hapon, dami kasing nagrerequest nun pero it’s really beyond my skills. Haha I can’t program from scratch even if my life depends on it.

    You interested? Email mo lang ako. Hehe libre mo nalang kami ng fiance ko kung manalo ka hehehehe

  9. Thanks Nanarts! 🙂 I prefer prenup images that appear very normal, not too much ‘staging’ or make–believe. 😉 Getting married soon? Ako na lang kunin mo, hahaha. 😀


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