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Last night, I was with fellow pinoy bloggers for dinner and a round of San Mig Light, followed by sundae at Iceberg. Too bad the attendance was just a handful, you would’ve enjoyed the free treats. Hehehe. 😉

I was actually very late that one of the first four present already left and Ka Edong had to leave (duty calls? ;)) not long after I arrived. Jayvee and Abe were too hungry by then and we had some “health food” at Aysee, enjoying their popular sisig and trying Jayvee’s recommendation, “mushroom and cheese.” After a round of beer, we were back in Metrowalk to meet Bimbo and called it a night after some sundae.

Contrary to what others might expect, these meetups aren’t your typical geek talk. We talk about everything from online gossip to digital photography and even personal tsismis. Hmm, tsismis. Hehehe. You should be there next time. 😉 Some snapshots are in an iPAP album at the photos section.

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  1. Hey markku, nice meeting you guys.
    Sayang, should have gone earlier and joined you at aysee’s. yummy.

    saw the photos, darn i look really old, hahaha….

    oh well…..

    till next time!!!

  2. Gail, next time hintayin ka namin ha. At dahil wala ka last time eh… hmm… secret. Hehehe. 😉

    Vespinoy, it was nice to meet you as well. Sa susunod we’re gonna own Aysee’s! Hehehe.

    AJ, Ederic, sama kayo next time. Logs ikaw din pre, nang ma-enjoy mo ang beer tapos ice cream.

    Jayvee, pwede ka na rin mag “promodel” sa mga pose mo. Promodel na, problogger pa! Hehehe. Bili na tayo ng 350D nyo ni Abe? 😉

  3. nice shots! sayang di ako nakapunta sa bloggers’ meet up. i was in ken go’s studio lighting class.

    suggestion – why not go for 30D? hehehe.

  4. chris, sayang. Next time punta ka ha, shoot tayo. 🙂 Gusto ko sana yung class ni Ken kaso wala akong pera eh. Kukulitin ko sana si Ken para libre, hehehe.

    Regarding 30D, sobra laki na difference nila ngayon. 39k yung 350D kit, 65k pa rin yung 30D body. I’m planning to get a 30D pero saka na pag mura na… 😉

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