This is the archive page for July 2006

Pinoy Bloggers Meetup Two

Remember the blogger meetup I wrote about more than a week ago? As usual, I’m one of the last ones to write about it. Abe was quick to upload photos from his spankin’ new Canon EOS 350D which everyone used for most of the evening. My D60 was seated on the sidelines occassionally stealing some […]

Blogger meetup, again!

There will be another blogger meetup this Saturday, this time at Italianni’s Greenbelt 2. Jayvee is spearheading this one again, and a round of beer is on him. Abe will be there as well, and if we’re lucky maybe we can have him pay for bottomless iced tea! Who: All bloggers, casual and professional When: […]

Let there be light

I just finished reading this great set of articles from Strobist, a great resource–in–a–weblog for shooting with portable hotshoe flashes. Though I’ve been shooting with a Canon EOS D60 and a Sigma EF500 DG Super for almost a year now, I feel I’m severely lacking in skill in flash photography. I just wrote about taking […]

Globe HSDPA @ 2000

With my problems concerning Smart WiFi’s mediocre service, I couldn’t resist inquiring about Globe’s “3G Mobile with HSDPA.” While passing time at the Podium last Saturday, Anne and I asked about the new service, already anticipating a steep price. We were happily surprised when the Globe Hub agent mentioned that it is currently priced at […]