Pinoy Bloggers Meetup Two

Abe and Jayvee sharing steak. How sweet!

Abe and Jayvee, again!

Ricky, Angelo, and Abe.

Remember the blogger meetup I wrote about more than a week ago? As usual, I’m one of the last ones to write about it. Abe was quick to upload photos from his spankin’ new Canon EOS 350D which everyone used for most of the evening. My D60 was seated on the sidelines occassionally stealing some snaps, leaving me with three photos worthy of showcasing on this entry. 🙂

I finally got to meet and talk to Ricky Manzano, a household name in Filipino blogrolls for several years now. Due to the quirky position of our table at Italianni’s, it wasn’t exactly easy to chat with everyone. I wasn’t able to talk much with Juan, Noel, Sasha and her friend Trini. I had a bit of photography talk with Chris and Anton, and lots of WordPress chat plus blogging chika with Gail, Marc, and Arelle. Jayvee’s brother Angelo was also there and happily talking about his new gig blogging NBA news for b5media.

It was a fun evening, but I’m sure the next ones will be even better. You should be there! 🙂

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