This is the archive page for August 2006

On Ninoy…

I would’ve written something nice for August 21, the commemoration of Ninoy Aquino’s death, but I remember the headline from two years ago: Ironic, isn’t it? What was supposed to be a turn in the positive direction has led us to where we are now, a place where no journalist can criticize a non–transparent leadership, […]

Band of Bloggers

In typical fashion, I’m late. Rico [that’s a PR6 link, bro] just wrote about our trip to Tagaytay last Saturday and both Abe and Jayvee posted on the topic earlier today. Since all four of us were male bloggers, we decided to call ourselves “Band of Bloggers.” Discussion ranged from blogging to other forms of […]

Two days ago…

Two days ago, this weblog was four years old. I thank you and the rest of my [4 years x 365 days/year x 7 readers/day = 10220 readers] for being here, even if just for a short while. It’s still as fun as it was before, and surely will continue to be. Of course I’m […]


BukoPie is a new feed reader for WordPress I hacked from the SimplePie demo, allowing WP users to have their own XML feed reader right in the WordPress dash/admin pages. I added functionality for keeping a feed subscription list and tag–based categorization. I’m sure this isn’t the first feed reader for WP, but it fills […]

Mini-Review: Click

Would you believe I cried watching Adam Sandler’s Click? Yes I did. I wasn’t expecting this to be of any DVD–shelf value just like most Adam Sandler starrers, but this flick surprisingly has some. It’s not your typical watch and laugh affair, you may even feel it’s a bit lacking than expected in that department. […]

Got a secret?

If you like the weblog, you’re gonna love the book. A friend just bought a copy of the recently released PostSecret book through and had it shipped directly to Manila, all for less than 30 dollars. A good price, if you pretend that the shipping cost wasn’t almost half of the price you paid. […]

Mini-Review: Miami Vice

We barely made it to the late afternoon screening of Miami Vice last Thursday, getting inside the theatre just as the first scene was rolling. From that point until the end, I don’t recall myself yawning and I didn’t take a bathroom break at all. The movie was that good! Well, at least for me. […]

Look Up

Scouting any location for a photo opp, you usually walk around searching for an interesting scene or a captivating view. On some rare ocassions though, all you have to do is look up. Walking life with a tinge of uncertainty and doubt, we seek meaning and answers to questions we adamantly consider still unanswered. But […]