Got a secret?

PostSecret book cover.

PostSecret book.

If you like the weblog, you’re gonna love the book.

A friend just bought a copy of the recently released PostSecret book through and had it shipped directly to Manila, all for less than 30 dollars. A good price, if you pretend that the shipping cost wasn’t almost half of the price you paid. I had a good look at it the minute it was delivered to our office and browsed the pages; I think it is even more interesting than the site/weblog. Reading long–kept secrets of random strangers transformed into postcard artworks and printed on real paper is a different experience compared to viewing them online in a webpage. It’s something I cannot completely explain, though it holds true for almost all great online art and literature — nothing beats sucking it all on paper.

I’m thinking of getting myself a copy, wanna grab one for yourself? We can pool and split the shipping cost. I’m sure you’ll treasure this book for a lifetime.

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  1. i used to regularly visit the site. now i get a ‘forbidden’ error message. does the linkl still work? or the problem is coming from my end?

  2. kuks, meron yata sa mga specialty bookstores sa manila. sa page one i think.

    is that the second book? got the first one as a christmas gift to my friend. highly highly recommended.

  4. Nanarts, try ko nga tignan minsan kung nandito na. I’m not sure if this is the second one, eto yung linked dun sa site nila eh. Ganda noh? 😉

  5. Clair, you’re gonna use your librarian powers para malaman natin? 😉

    leiababe, thanks for letting me have a peek at your book, enjoy talaga. Though it was an impulse buy, it was a good buy. 🙂

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