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Random flowers...

Two days ago, this weblog was four years old. I thank you and the rest of my [4 years x 365 days/year x 7 readers/day = 10220 readers] for being here, even if just for a short while. It’s still as fun as it was before, and surely will continue to be.

Of course I’m just kidding, I don’t have seven readers every day. Just you would do.

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  1. Jayvs, Abe, Markku, tnx for the great time! :) Next time, I’ll bring Matus for support; now you’ll instantly know how your pictures will turn out on the big screen! :D

  3. Hi there……manong? this is my very first time to visit your site and i was really impressed and I defintely admire your works and the pictures are quite a bit amazing. Maybe u can share it w/ me what Canon model are u using. Just curious…. by the way FYI i’m not a professional photographer, just interested w/ the clarity of the pictures ( really nice!!!!!!! ). I want my pictures to turn out just like that . thanks and hope to hear from u soooon!

  4. Manong? Hahaha. I’m glad you like the site, thanks for dropping by. I’m using a Canon EOS D60 for my photos, though I’d have to tell you it really isn’t the camera. ;)

  5. Hehehe. Rico, at the rate you’re pimping me I’d have to put you on my payroll soon. But I don’t have a payroll. Hehehe. ;)

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