This is the archive page for December 2006

Another one for Christmas

Yes I’m in the mood for blogging Christmas photos, so I’m posting another one from my recent UP shoot. I think I should just post all of them so I’d be forced to shoot a new set for next Christmas, which will hopefully have grand decorations considering the just approved tuition fee increase. Nonsense. Christmas […]

Merry Christmas!

It has been my tradition for the past three years to write a Christmas entry on the 25th of December, or sometime near that date. This time though, I’ll be doing it earlier for a change. Not surprisingly, it is another Oblation/UP shot though at least this one was recently shot unlike the dated photos […]

Problogging at the Blog Herald

Yes, I’m now a problogger at the Blog Herald! Abe broke the news out yesterday right after I got my brief introduction published. Just a short story: When I heard that Abe was taking over and will be doing editorial duties for the new TBH owners, I was very surprised at the turn of events. […]

Pisay ’96 Streetkids Christmas Party

Two Sundays ago, our high school batch had a little Christmas party for street children. We invited small groups near Diliman and brought them to the UP Lagoon for their celebration. Though it rained briefly, it didn’t stop us from pushing through. We moved to the Quezon Hall and it was more than enough for […]

Graphika Manila

Last Saturday’s Graphika Manila was a huge success with over 1,300 attendees. Being the first international multimedia design conference held here in the Philippines, interest across all related fields was high, especially with the presence of popular local outfits like Team Manila and Inksurge. More importantly (no offense to our local guys), the world–famous Joshua […]