This is the archive page for January 2007

5 Things

I got tagged, twice! Here’s five things you probably don’t know about me: I love After Image. Yes, I like listening to their music even up to now. Wency Cornejo’s songwriting, though simple, is sweet and romantic. And he sings well. The band had a distinct sound that was truly theirs. Okay, so shoot me […]


I never had the chance to write about this, so this is weeks late. But anyway, I just wanna share that I’m now published! I’ve written a few articles for Mobile Philippines the past two issues so if you have the chance, grab yourself a copy. On a related note, I was also listed in […]

Long Days

I just had the two longest days of my life since I can remember and getting up from bed way past lunch still wasn’t enough rest, my back still hurts. A lot. So I got a haircut just before it got dark, so I could go to mass right after. Even if I still had […]

Happy New Year!

Shooting from your rooftop at exactly 12:00 AM of January 1, 2007 isn’t exactly a nice thing to do, with fireworks exploding just around you. And consider the fact that I’m really bad at shooting fireworks displays. Now, I’m presenting you one photo. Yep, just a single excuse for a fireworks photo. To make up […]