Five on Friday: Songs To Cry To…

I’ve been putting too much thinking into my blogging that I end up hardly writing at all, so now I’m starting a personal meme I’m calling “Five on Friday.” Every Friday, I will write a list of five things on a topic I find worthwhile. If this turns out well, it’ll guarantee at least four posts in one month, or at least one post a week! That’s a milestone. Hopefully.

My first list I’m calling “Songs To Cry To…”, tracks in heavy rotation on my iPod that make me feel like sinking into a bottle of San Mig Light:

  1. Kahit Na by Bridge
    Di na kailangan pang mag-isip kung tayo nang dalawa / Di sa lahat ng bagay tayo ay magkatugma / Basta’t pag-ibig natin ang siyang magdadala / Bahala na

    How can you not remember the times when you used to think that love is all that matters?

  2. Stuck in a Moment by U2
    I am still enchanted / By the light you brought to me / I listen through your ears / Through your eyes I can see

    And if the night runs over / And if the day won’t last / And if your way should falter / Along this stony pass
    It’s just a moment / This time will pass

    One of U2’s most beautiful songs. Honestly, the way I hear it, this is a song of hope, of trials and tribulations. But the verse I quoted above I find very interesting — about seeing the world through the eyes of someone else you held close to your heart. A story of lost love and hope?

  3. Beer by Itchyworms
    Nais kong magpakalasing dahil wala ka na / Nakatingin sa salamin at nag-iisa / Nakatanim pa rin ang gumamelang binigay mo sa’kin nang tayo’y magkahiwalay / Ito’y katulad ng damdamin ko kahit buhusan mo ng beer ayaw pang mamatay

    Now I’m seeing a trend that I’ve been listening to songs of the lost love tragedy type. This cut from the Itchyworms reaches e-heads level in drama and music, one that will continue to be sung even years from now. If you haven’t heard their “Beer Lite” acoustic version, grab a copy of their CD! You’ll see the song in an even sadder and soulful light. Beer nga.

  4. The Scientist by Coldplay
    Come up to meet you, Tell you I’m sorry, You don’t know how lovely you are / I had to find you, Tell you I need you, Tell you I set you apart

    Yes I really do need a cold beer right now. I’ve been listening to a lot of Coldplay (and Keane) the past week that I’ve been addicted to their sound with this song haunting my head. It’s such a shame for us to part…

  5. Grateful by Julianne
    Grateful for the day you called my name / Ever since you walked into the door it’s never been the same / Mornings are brighter now, I’m not afraid / And I wake up each day with a smile on my face
    ‘Coz I’ve been in places where I couldn’t even see the light of day / And then you came

    This is a track from new local artist Julianne, who sounds different to most female local acts today. A little bit of Cynthia Alexander, lots of acoustic guitar work and all original compositions. None of the usual cover songs that most female acts have been recently fond of.

    Now here’s something refreshing, one that looks at the world in a very positive light. Like the early–morning light that promises a brand new day. Tomorrow. Hope. Listen to it, I promise you’ll like it.

Now let me share some text from Paulo Coelho’s “Like the Flowing River,” last paragraph of page 6:

Encouraged by this recollection, I pick up my spear again, attack the weeds I did not invite to grow in my garden, and am left with this morning’s one lesson: when something undesirable grows in my soul, I ask God to give me the same courage mercilessly to pluck it out.

Just a few not–too–coherent thoughts for some lenten reflection. 🙂

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  1. Aart, thanks for dropping by. The link you shared is wonderful, I’ll be visiting them regularly from now on!

    You have a nice day too, and do visit again next time. 🙂

  2. @karla: Yeah, will get itchyworms songs. Pero ngayon “Beer Lite” lang muna, ganda. 🙂

    @Amanda: I basically can’t go a day without a U2 song. They’re so much of an influence, The Edge is the guitar player I try to emulate the most. I’ve got all of their albums and some rare tracks in a DVD somewhere in the house, I bet you also have them. 🙂

    And yes, Pearl Jam’s “Last Kiss” is one made for crying too… According to wikipedia, it is Pearl Jam’s biggest hit single to date. You’d be surprised how real the song’s history is.

    @Aileen: Emo, hahaha. Lagi naman akong ma-drama eh, well at least in writing. Pero tignan mo naman ako, laging naka-smile. Hehehe. 😉

  3. Hmm I can burn you a DVD of their better albums… but you hardly go to blogger meetups! Hahaha. Do you play badminton? You might want to join us. 😉

    Wala namang drama dito ah… :p


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