This is the archive page for May 2007

Rico Blanco leaves Rivermaya

It’s now confirmed, Rico Blanco has left Rivermaya. The news has been buzzing for a few weeks now, though never confirmed until just recently. According to The Dawn’s JB Leonor in an email to their official mailing list: We had a gig in Metrowalk last Friday and Rivermaya was there – they played before us. […]

Five on Friday: A gentleman should…

In today’s ever so changing times, men should still: Open the door for a lady. I guess this is one of the rather important acts of chivalry, and should never be taken for granted. When with a lady friend, or when entering a door alongside another person, especially a lady, open the door for both […]

Photographers in action

Remember the Intramuros shoot I mentioned last week? What Jayvee thought would be a small group of enthusiasts turned into a mini photo org of sorts, with around 40 people turning up for the event. Fourty! The tireless Jerry Polence gamely posed for every single photographer, trying to give each one some eye time. Good […]

Five on Friday: What I hate about the iPod

Everyone loves Apple’s iPod, or at least pretends not to hate it. I’ve got one, though there are things I just wish it wasn’t. It takes a lot to shuffle. Go pick a playlist, an artist, or an album. Then suddenly decide that you want to shuffle the tracks instead of listening to them sequentially. […]

Fun shoot @ Intramuros

Jayvee arranged a fun shoot with members of the Pinoy Cosplay community this coming Sunday (May 20) at Intramuros. Jerry Polence is one of our confirmed models, and she hopes to have other cosplayers tag along as well. This is the first time for us local blogger–photographers to arrange a shoot like this, so I […]

Five on Friday: Why vote?

Come Monday, we take another step towards another chapter in Philippine history. Though many would believe that the coming elections would not result in significant change, there is something you can do. What you choose to do determines your fate. So why vote? You don’t want celebrities for a leader. Or you simply don’t want […]

6 Weird Things About Me

I’m not a fan of memes but Karla tagged me, so I guess I’ll have to take on this: Each player of this games starts with 6 weird things about you. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rule clearly. In the […]

Five on Friday: In My Pocket

This edition of Five on Friday is ridiculously late it isn’t even within the week it’s supposed to be in! But pardon me, I had too much fun playing with Marc’s Xbox 360 paired with Abe’s 32–inch LCD I totally lost track of time, getting home just minutes before Saturday’s sunrise. Well, the boys were […]