This is the archive page for June 2007

Feels Great to be Pinoy

Rico tagged me exactly a month ago and I made sure I waited long enough before writing my share, in the great tradition of this weblog. I can’t just break my history of writing stale entries, I need to respect my readers’ expectations on how my content is delivered — sweet, crammed, and very late. […]

Free food!

This entry will not be longer than it needs to be: Aileen is looking for bloggers who wouldn’t say no to free food. A dinner and gimik of sorts, sponsored by SM Hypermart. July 3, 2007 at the SM Mall of Asia. Photo above from Juned’s “cultured” birthday dinner at his house that could pass […]

Five on Friday: Why take the freelancing plunge?

I’ve been pondering on dumping my day job to be a full–time freelancer on anything under the sun. Seriously, problogging while taking web development and design plus the occasional photography project should be enough to get me by, while enjoying the other wonderful things in life. I’ve come to a point where I think I […]

Only in the Philippines!

Got this postcard from Juned when we were at his house last Saturday, a somewhat disturbing gag/parody photo of what the Philippines really was, about a hundred years ago. Shouldn’t we be thankful for the independence and liberty that we have today? Sadly, the practice of moving holidays to lengthen weekends and promote domestic spending […]

Five on Friday: Photography quotes

Yeah, I know it’s now Monday. As you may already know, taking photos is one of my passions, one I’d do without any financial or material gains. Photography is a convenient artistic escape; at its purest, you need only please yourself. You need not conform to irrational “artistic rules” or subcultures imposed by society, your […]

Video killed the radio star…

But I’d still take my fifteen minutes of radio fame. This Sunday, you will hear my *ehem* frenulum linguae—limited voice over the airwaves as I talk about a topic I supposedly know nothing about. Or so they say. Almost expectedly, I will be with the legendary Jobarclix (yes, that jobarclix!) and two of my Pop […]

Five on Friday: Rivermaya Pinoy Rock Anthems

It seems Rico Blanco has indeed left Rivermaya and will be on his own from now on, so here’s a list of five rock anthems we’ll always sing as we remember Rivermaya, Ang Banda ng Bayan. Awit Ng Kabataan Hindi niyo kami mabibilang, at hindi rin maikakahon Marami kami ngunit iisa lamang ang aming pasyon. […]