This is the archive page for November 2007

Google TechTalk Photos

Last Monday’s Google TechTalk at the AIM in Makati was widely received with developers from various local companies in attendance. Though most were certainly clamoring for deeper technical discussions on the various technologies tackled, it would be best to see this as a sampler of things to come, especially now that it’s known that our […]

Sawa ka na ba?

You probably missed this milestone just like me, but come December 16, we will be there. You and me, in silence. As one. Come in blue, let’s watch the beautiful Manila Bay sunset, 4PM until the sun sleeps, Baywalk/Roxas Boulevard. Sunday Silence II. Sabi nga ni Gang: Silent majority, have your silence felt. Kita tayo […]

You win some, you lose some

While raising the lightstand for Mimi & Karl as they take engagement photos, I often try to snap a few clicks hoping for a beside–the–scene glimpse at a heartfelt moment slowly (or more often, quickly) unfolding. Sometimes, I get lucky. Just minutes before the session that produced the photo above, I was trailing Karl as […]

Cheat your way to a cleaner desktop

When I ran into AJ’s entry entitled “View My Desktop,” I found out there was a meme spreading amongst local bloggers that provided a glimpse into their workstation desktops — wallpaper, icons, widgets, and all. There were some who had neat, clutter–free desktops, while others had their wallpaper barely viewable with all the icons strewn […]