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Give love on Christmas day

So here’s my customary Oblation photo for Christmas, my fifth in a row. Merry Christmas! I know you got gifts and fancy things aside from the extravagant ones you bought for yourself, but what have you done for others this Christmas season? Don’t forget to spread the love on Christmas day. ๐Ÿ™‚

Your Soul’s Music

Before I miss writing a Christmas eve or Christmas day entry, I’ll catch up with a few things I should’ve done a long time ago. I’ve got two meme tags from Aileen, so I better start with the first one: Take a screen shot of either your Top 25 Most Played / 25 Recently Played […]

2007 Pisay ’96 Streetkids Christmas Party

Last year’s Pisay ’96 Streetkids Christmas Party was a success we did not expect, at least not as much as people noticed it. Those who’ve seen the YouTube video were somehow inspired to do something similar, while others left praises of encouragement that never cease to make us smile, to this day. When Hana and […]

A Smile of Hope

The Pisay ’96 Streetkids Christmas Party is a project of our high school batch, just like the medical missions and other things we’ve done the past year or so. We understand that the long–term merits of a simple party may be questionable, but to put a smile of hope in these kids’ faces is more […]

Batanes @ Boracay

Sponsored by Asian Spirit, we were Batanes–bound last Wednesday walking around inside the domestic airport as early as five in the morning. It was the perfect proposition — go to Batanes for a press screening of the movie “Batanes” by Adolf Alix. The weather wouldn’t join the fun though, visibility for our Basco–bound flight was […]


Most bloggers know Mimi+Karl for the fun–fun–fun Cliquebooth photobooth which we’ve seen in previous blogger—related events, but unknown to many the couple are popular wedding photographers. In fact, they are your best pick to shoot your wedding, as they are the 2007 W@W Supplier of the Year. Yes, that means they are the best–rated (and […]