0917-9892039 is dead.

Happy new year. I just lost my phone a few days ago, and don’t have a permanent number just yet. I guess this blog’s the best way to reach me for now, and good ol’ email.

To the sucker who thought that finders keepers is a valid rule of life, may God have mercy on your soul, you sick bastard.

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  1. Jehz, mag–iipon muna ako bai! Hehehe. Unfortunately it wasn’t my old phone, it was a two–week old Sony Ericsson that I got just before new year’s day. And now it’s gone. 🙁

  2. Frick, two week old SE? How horrid! I feel for you. =/

    I’ve been pickpocketed twice and what I usually really feel bad about is losing my contacts. Sigh.


  3. @Amanda: Yep, just two weeks. I haven’t even scratched it yet. 🙁

    I have my contacts saved in my PC but losing my prepaid number that I’ve had close to ten years is a very sad thing.

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