This is the archive page for March 2008

The BlogBank Launch

Having my own company has always been a dream; I’ve always wanted my own startup. When Jayvee broached the idea of setting up an advertising network focused on local weblogs and advertisers, I knew it was going to be the perfect opportunity for me to hack away on web solutions I actually will use. The […]

Review: Nokia N82

The Nokia N82 is one of Nokia’s most hyped phone in recent months. It’s not exactly new, it was announced last year though the local (and regional) campaign promoting this model is still in full swing, called Nokia Nseries Soul of the Night. I’m sure you’ve seen or heard about the campaign as it’s almost […]

Driver’s license renewal and getting off the calendar

Yesterday, I got my driver’s license renewed just in time for today’s deadline. It took just around thirty minutes, all in the comfort of a shopping mall. Wonderful. And then I realized that as of today, I’m officially off the non–leap year February calendar, if you know what I mean. How fast time flies. The […]

Coffee with a twist

More often than not, a typical weekend gimik involves a few (or several) rounds of beer or some other alcoholic treat, followed by very late night, actually early morning coffee, just before heading home. Now you can have both, at the same time. Delifrance brings us coffee that packs a punch, a first for local […]

Now on WordPress 2.3.3

This blog has been running on a customized 1.5–based WordPress for a few years now. As a result of my modifications, it has slowly showed its age and weaknesses in the backend. I’ve been unable to take advantage of the better plugins out there, though thinking about it now I still had all the features […]