Now on WordPress 2.3.3

This blog has been running on a customized 1.5–based WordPress for a few years now. As a result of my modifications, it has slowly showed its age and weaknesses in the backend. I’ve been unable to take advantage of the better plugins out there, though thinking about it now I still had all the features I needed in a functionally sound weblog publishing app.

A few weeks ago, I decided to finally move back to the latest version of WordPress and stop worrying about it. It took me a day to make my theme 2.x–compatible as I decided to wipe away some of the unnecessary code I already have forgotten about. I realized I’ve been using it even before WordPress had support for themes and pages. I overlooked one detail though, I forgot to revert my comment form and prevented new comments for a few days or so. The actual WordPress upgrade took all of five minutes.

Now all I need is a content upgrade.

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  1. deuts, it will likely stay this way for a while. I’ve been wanting a new theme for some time now but got lots of work in the way. Or lots of excuses to procrastinate. 😉

  2. Any plans for updating iPAP? I’m looking to add a gallery to the site (aside from the portfolio).

    I echo deuts comment though… I like this theme.

  3. Yeah, maybe if you’d change your theme, you can make this current theme of yours available for download and use .:D

  4. @Luis Cruz: iPAP gets updated when… it gets updated. Sorry, I’d rather not commit anything regarding that. But I promise you the project isn’t dead. I like this theme too! Hahaha.

    @kates: I should create something much like this and have it for download. 😉

    @deuts: Maybe we can do something along that line, but not an exact copy of this theme. 😉

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