iBlog4 Portraits

I barely made it to iBlog4, I got in just enough to consider myself an attendee, which makes me one of not too many bloggers who’ve been in all the iBlog summits. It is nice to know we Filipino bloggers have come this far.

At the afterparty, I took some portraits of fellow bloggers I managed to convince for a shot. My favorites: AJ, Shari, Peter, Pierre, and Kring. The complete set is in my photo gallery, and you can also view it as a slideshow.






Congrats to Janette for another successful iBlog!

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  1. @hana: That’s Pierre, the jester-in-exile. 🙂

    @Fritz: Wow, glad you like it pre!

    @Janette: Thanks din! I’ll be posting the group photos shortly. 😉

    @FunnySexy: You mean the “funny–but–where’s–the–sexy” look? 😛

    @Shari: Hahaha, #1 fave ko yung kuha ko sayo. 🙂 Sure, grab it. Gusto mo ng print? 😉

  2. http://baratillo.net/?p=957
  3. galing talaga! do u think if i buy a dslr i do that bokeh thing too? i am amazed at how good your pictures are. nga pala, i didn’t know u speak cebuano.

  4. http://baklaako.com/2008/05/05/bakla-goes-to-iblog4/
  5. Awesome pictures, I love how you’ve captured their expressions and personalities. Even if I don’t know any of them the pictures pretty much give a glimpse of who they are =)

    Looked like a lot of fun was had! I was planning on dropping by the party after work but I got waylaid elsewhere with the promise of Baileys. I’m cheap. haha!

  6. @jayvee f.: Thanks bro!

    @Micamyx: Dapat siguro gumawa talaga tayo ng bloggers’ yearbook? 😉

    @jester-in-exile: Hahaha, astig naman yung ‘look’ mo dyan ah! 🙂

    @CARS: Thanks, thanks!

    @manly stuff in general: Thanks. These photos were taken with a Canon EOS-40D with a 35mm f/2 prime.

    @FunnySexy: Yeah sure, use it in your layout, I’d love to see that. 😉

    @senor enrique: Uy Eric, nice to see a comment from you! Flattered ako, thanks. 😉

    @arpee: Thanks pre! With the right lens, you can get that effect. But you need the dSLR first. 😉

    @Jehz: Baka gumawa tayo ng photoblogging/editing seminar soon. Kulitin mo si Juned, hehehe.

    @Blogie: Intoxicated lang, not drunk. Happily intoxicated, I must say. 😉 Nice meeting you at the iBlog!

    @AJ: Hahaha! I think that’s one mean portrait of you. 😉

    @Amanda: Thanks, thanks! That’s a wonderful comment on these photos. 😉 Most blogger events these days are quite fun, just be sure to tag along with the ones who know how to create their own after-afterparty fun! Hahaha.

  7. http://rebelpixel.com/archives/2008/05/12/iblog4-class-picture/

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