This is the archive page for July 2008

Lifehouse in Manila

The first time we knew about Lifehouse’s concert here in Manila, Hana was instantly disappointed as it’s on the same date as my mother’s birthday. She wanted to watch it so badly that she even blogged about it. (It’s a rarity for both of us these days.) When Aileen’s sweetie messaged me if we wanted […]

Five on Friday: Sabi ng Eraserheads…

Totoo na daw talaga yung balita, tara, game na! Pero sandali eto muna, Five on Friday muna tayo, late nga lang, walang wifi kanina eh. (Okay lang, Friday pa naman sa ibang bansa ngayon.) Eto five song verses na feeling ko applicable sa e–heads reunion fever, uso daw ngayon eh. Naalala kita ilang bukas pa […]