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San Miguel Beer Oktoberfest 2008

This year’s Oktoberfest will be the first time San Miguel Beer goes beyond the typical one month celebration, now with 120 days of fiesta that goes on and on all over the country. Coinciding with the festival, San Miguel is coming out with a limited edition San Miguel Oktoberfest Beer — a new beer that’s […]

Healthy Shabu Shabu

Yes there’s a healthy way of doing hot pot dining, and Healthy Shabu Shabu is the place for you to try it. When I got the SMS invite for the opportunity to try it, I was apprehensive, worried that this might just be one of the few types of food and dining that I may […]

Because I’m lost…

… in your eyes. I just fell Don’t know why Something is there We can’t deny Ooh, when I first knew Was when I first looked at you Happy anniversary pangga!