This is the archive page for October 2008

Prenup: Nards & Aggie

Nards and Aggie were among the first few I met when Joey invited me to a RockEd event. They certainly were very accommodating, just like most RockEd volunteers. I noticed I shared a common passion with them, they also loved taking photos. From then on, I’d never see them apart every time I’d get the […]

rev3 is dead.

The old theme I’ve been using for four years or so is now out of service. I’ve fondly called it “rev3” as I consider it my third major design revision, though within it there were several micro–versions. I think I’ll be playing with this new thing I call “R8,” all in its single–column goodness. If […]

Red Box Wii Nights

If you’re not into karaoke much unlike 99 percent of the Filipino population, this might get you into Red Box anyway. Riding the crazy idea we got to test a few months ago, Red Box has now equipped a handful of rooms with Nintendo Wii game consoles, putting a twist in the usual weekend barkada […]